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Top 10: Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox One is just around the corner, if days have corners. With that in mind I have done my top 10 games on the Xbox 360, so many memories.

10: Condemned

A proper crime/horror game that did everything right, except the 970 gamerscore amiright? Dark and gripping, a overlooked and superb masterpiece. Best played at night with some good headphones, scary stuff.

9: The Orange Box

Bit cheeky as this is 5 games in one and actually Halflife 2 was out before the Xbox 360, for sheer value this is an incredible collection of games. Again i would still recommend PC but if an Xbox is all you have you will get a lot of gaming for your £15.

8: Rainbow Six: Vegas

Before the endless Call of Duty games this was THE shooter on the Xbox, the multiplayer was nailbiting and many Attack and Defend games were played. This was also the first game where i met xbox friends who i will probably never meet in real life. The story is proper Tom Clancy terrorist stuff and had some fun Xbox Live Vision Camera functions.

Nigel West-DICKens

Nigel West-DICKens

7: Red Dead Redemption

Best Western game ever made, was well supported after launch and looks stunning. One of the finest stories too, especially the ending. Some of the best memories come from the multiplayer which until GTA V haven’t really been beaten. Forming a posse and riding through towns is great fun. I just hope the next gen sequel can make it support more players and have stage coaches.

Please don't... FALLOUT with me...

Please don’t… FALLOUT with me…

6: Fallout 3

The best bethesda game this gen in terms of dlc, it was a great experience leaving the vault for the first time. It doesn’t feature higher on the list because of the AI, once you reach a certain level you are pretty much a god and it takes the fun out of it a little. The story is great, funny and has landscape changing choices which is rare to find. The combat is a bit marmite though so it’s not for everyone.

I've covered wars you know.

I’ve covered wars you know.

5: Dead Rising

This is the game that made me buy an Xbox 360. It basically gave this generation zombie games, Resident Evil is survival horror and it changes between the undead and infected. Dead Rising puts you in the middle of a zombie outbreak, it has bad acting, fun story, great characters and huge replay value. I love the achievements because if you try to go for them it requires an entire playthrough. Each playthrough gets slightly easier as you learn when events happen and where you need to be.

4: Resident Evil 5

Sheva! Chris! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!

A graphical feast with some excellent co-op, you really can’t play it any other way. Like Dead Rising it has so much replayability to it, supported well with DLC and a great suvival mode. Even the dreaded quicktime events are funny if not a bit pointless.

3: Skyrim

Could have been number one if it had multiplayer and some obvious little changes. If you have a gaming PC i actually recommend playing it on that instead because the graphics on PC are incredible. Spent well over 300 hours on this game, i would have loved to be a farmer, find a plot of land, build a house, grow crops, ride a cart to the local town to sell my stuff. I just hope the next gen sequel is even bigger and more detailed.

2: Mass Effect Trilogy

Almost like playing a giant sci-fi movie trilogy. The 2 year wait between each game, the cast, the graphics, everything about it was almost perfect. My favourite game was 2 because it had probably the best intro and ending of any game i have played, really edge of your seat stuff. I am craving for the next mass effect to be more open world (galaxy) driven.

1: Gears of War 3

This could apply to the series but picking one game it would be 3 because of the content and game modes. 1 has the best story, 2 has the best multiplayer maps, 3 has the best multiplayer/co-op experience.

Honerable Mentions

There are at least 20 other games i could have put in this list but the ones that gave me the most enjoyment or that i remember the best made the cut. Below are some that would easily fit in the top 10 of someone else.

Bioshock, Dead Space, GRID, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, Grand Theft Auto IV, Hitman Absolution, Hitman Blood Money, Halo Reach, Left 4 Dead, Amped 3, Lost Planet 2 and Dead Island.

Buying Shit Films For Fun

Skies the Vertical Limit

Skies the Vertical Limit

So you’re bored, you have some spare cash and you want to be entertained. Paying the homeless to fight each other just won’t cut it any more, you need something more, you need Sylvester Stallone.

I am what David Dickinson calls a Bargin Hunter, i like to wait for a DVD to come down in price before it get it. I even wait until they bring out a better version of the disc like i did with mission impossible, i think that was 8 years. The other buying rule is never get those nasty triple packs, with 3 seemingly random films thrown together in one box.

I pity the fool who buys your shitty ass movies

I pity the fool who buys your shitty ass movies

Well i have now broken that rule, the price was simply too low to ignore, for only £5.95 i found one of those nasty triple packs. Vertical Limit, Twister and Daylight for £5.95. I just had a craving for some good old cheesy rubbish, Twister is ok actually but Vertical Limit is awful. Daylight is so funny oh i can’t wait.

It didn’t stop there though, oh no i had to search for more collections. Then i was pleasantly surprised, i found Sideways, Walk the Line and Goodnight and Good Luck for £6.95. I haven’t seen any of these however Walk the Line is a biopic about Johnny Cash.

I then remembered what Vertical Limit and Sylvester Stallone have in common, that’s right…. Cliffhanger. So for just £3.99 i bought this masterpiece.

Best thing is i can do a mini review on some of these with the features section. The bargain was officially hunted and i ended up getting 7 films for £16 after i get some cashback through quidco.

The moral of the story is it’s ok to buy triple film box sets if the films are so bad they are good.