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Let the games begin.

It’s urgh me a Morio!

I have been so busy that another year has almost passed. Things might change now though because I have a decent sized tablet to do updates from. After over 2 years of daily use my Nexus 7 is going in to retirement, bring on the Nexus 9. I have read some bad reviews to do with build quality and light bleed, but mine seems fine. Its going to take some time to get used to but I really like the wider screen and the front facing speakers.

I have also increased my hours at work, 4 days a week makes the week surprising crowded as i do other things on my days off, i don’t have time to do the usual posts or playing games. I am now finally able to use my holidays so for the next few weeks i get 4 days off in a row, let the games begin!

GTA V on the Xbox One looks incredible and Elite: Dangerous is nearly out of beta. I also got the huge Halo Collection. I felt a bit disappointed with the Xbox One but it’s starting to get some decent games, a huge Mass Effect re-release is on the cards, probably a year away. A new Red Dead game would be amazing.

More “Business Class” DLC for GTA V


GTA V seems to be holding off on the large expansions we expect from Rockstar, probably because they are busy porting it to PC and maybe even Xbox One/PS4?

The other reason is in game money! It’s fun and easy to earn cash but some people want it quick and pay real money for GTA $. This sort of DLC however small is actually profitable as £40 gets you $1.5 Million, which sounds like a lot but the recent Valentines DLC had a car which cost $750,000 so £20 for a 1 vehicle.

The only reason this isn’t the worst thing in the gaming world since the Season Pass is because for about 5-10 hours of good gameplay you can afford it with money you make in the game.

I love these content updates because more vehicles, especially planes are what keep the same old missions fun and give you something to spend your money on.


Tuesday 4th will bring out new sports cars, The Albany Alpha, Dunka Jester and Grotti Turismo R. A new plane (Above) called the Vestra, looks like a 2 seater but i bet it’s nippy. 2 new weapons with the Heavy Pistol (probably a Desert Eagle) and Special Carbine. Also some more Suits and glasses to make you look all pro and ting.

This weekend also marks the last chance to buy that really expensive car and all the other Valentines DLC, until next year probably.

GTA V: new DLC on Friday

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is of course free dlc. Like the Christmas themed DLC it’s limited to a few days. However the items will be yours to keep if you obtain them during the event. The DLC includes:

– 10 new jobs, including deathmatches, a new parachute jump plus fresh land, sea and cycling races.

– Gusenberg Sweeper tommy gun

– Albany Roosevelt 1920s limousine

– New suits and flapper dresses, “sexy undergarments” and masks, plus more novelty t-shirts and hats.


Gears of War Now Free!

Cover me while I pose for a picture!

Cover me while I pose for a picture!

One of the best co-op games on the 360 is now FREE until the 14th of December, The other games in the series have also been discounted, Gears of War 2 is about £7.

If you are a gold member you can download Gears of War 1 here or through the dashboard, look out for the Games for Gold

Grand Theft Auto V DLC on the way

I prefer socks and sandles, each to their own.

I prefer socks and sandles, each to their own.

Next week free DLC will be added to GTA on the 19th. It includes:

New Jobs

  • “Grass Route II” (Race): In this sequel to the original popular Grass Route Race, go off-road in an epic heat starting on the North bank of the Zancudo River through the treacherous wetlands with a triumphant finish on the beach in North Chumash.
  • “Survival on Del Perro Pier” (Survival): Skip the ferris wheel for a deadlier kind of thrill ride as you take on waves of relentless enemies at this beachfront attraction.
  • “View of Vespucci” (Parachuting): This leap sends you from 2,980 feet, down towards Vespucci Beach, weaving through palm trees to land on the basketball courts of the rec center. If you’ve got skills, it’s possible to freefall through the first few checkpoints before even opening your chute.
  • “Paleto Beach” (Team Deathmatch): The locals complain that not a lot happens in this sleepy town, so do them a favor and wake ’em up with a barrage of gunfire exchanged between you and a rival team. This Team Deathmatch takes place right on the romantic shoreline for 4-8 players.
  • “Sundae Driving” (Bike Race): Sure to be a new fan-favorite motorbike race, menace Vespucci Beach on your two-wheel rocket, taking breakneck corners as you try and best the competition.

Expect these and lots more Jobs to be added to Grand Theft Auto Online next week.

  • New Vehicles – Hit the shore with four sand-and-surf-ready vehicles perfect to take on the all new Beach Bum Races and Vehicle Deathmatches: the BF Bifta dune buggy, the rugged Canis Kalahari off-road truck, the Bravado Paradise beach camper van and making a special return to the GTA series, the fast and stylish Speeder speedboat. All four vehicles will be available at no in-game cost, with the land-based vehicles accessible from the website and the Speeder available via on your in-game phone (call Pegasus for delivery). These vehicles are also available in Story Mode for Michael, Trevor and Franklin to enjoy – to access them, visit your garage property and the Marina property for the vehicles and the boat respectively.
  • New Weapons – Expand your arsenal with two new free weapons – the compact yet deadly SNS Pistol and the brutal new Broken Bottle melee weapon which is quite effective at delivering the appropriate message in up close and personal encounters. Each weapon will be available gratis from any Ammu-Nation location in GTA Online and will be added straight into each of the three characters’ inventory in Story Mode.
  • New Customization Options – You’ll be able to deck out your GTA Online character with all new beach-ready customization options including stylish board shorts, neon surfer attire, wild tribal tattoos, shaggy hair for that West Coast laissez-faire vibe and more…

I do like free DLC but my view on GTA V is it should have been a launch title for Xbox One.

WordPressed for time.

Fashion: it is the key to our evolution.

Fashion: it is the key to our evolution.

Well that year went fast.

Work got busy and I forgot to update, then I was sorting my garage out in the Spring, sat outside in the Summer and played on the Xbox in the Autumn. However things have happened and the way the old website worked it wasn’t very easy to just post things as it happened. Until now…. CUE MUSIC!

Booshambles has always been a playground, I use it to learn how to make websites then use elements from it to make sites that earn money. WordPress basically killed the local web design industry because people can just set this up for free and do everything themselves. Although web design isn’t my main source of income I still want to do it and get paid so this is the next step. Learning how to configure WordPress to make it look like the old bespoke Booshambles is a great way to do that.

I was suprised how much WordPress and Booshambles were alike, my admin panel was very basic but had most of the functionality. Design wise it’s completely different as I had one page basically showing about 90% of the site, you just clicked links to change what was being shown. Learning where properties for some of the basic design choices has been more difficult than anything really.

Then I spent the next 3 weeks (probably a good 40 hours) republishing all the old posts, scrapbooks and other content. I glanced through some of the posts and left behind old film, tv and game news as there really isn’t any need to keep them. Also a few journal updates which were basically me saying I was going to update are gone too. I had the opportunity to go back through the scrapbook and reupload all the images that I could find at higher res. The Brick Wall being a prime example, I got the scanner out and scanned in every page of the Brick Booklets as well as uploading higher quality scans of all the posters and artcards. The new site has also allowed me to upload content thought lost, I found some old files including audio and animated gifs!

I was still using twitter and have gone through old tweets looking for things worthy of an article then expanding upon it. Mostly it was “Tonights film is” which I have now used to replace reviews, the idea is I will post using my Nexus 7 which film I’m watching tonight. Then when I have time go back and edit the post and add in a score and comments. I watch a lot of films so it’s a great way to quickly build up a mini review section (already got 23!). Plus on repeat viewings I will go back and maybe add in things I have noticed a second time around.

I have had the Quad UK Brick Poster for years and have been meaning to get it properly framed for ages. When Looper came out in the Cinema I went on ebay and snapped up a Quad UK Cinema Poster for that too. Finally 9 months later I found a website that sells reusable poster frames, their actual use is business adverts like the ones you see in banks. They just screw into the walls and you snap the silver bezel around the poster, they also come with a plastic film to place on top. £70 quid in total but the frames are now a permanent feature of the room.

Who the fuck are you Paul Zennon!?

Who the fuck are you Paul Zenon!?

In the past we have had a shout out from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a retweet by Simon Pegg and even had some of the content featured on Director Rian Johnson’s Website. This for me is up there with the best of them. Basically a Facebook friend called Chris Cook has THE Paul Zenon on his friends list, when me and Chris Medcalf were chatting over Xbox I had the slightly drunken idea of joining in the conversation. It went along the lines of “I should say who the fuck are you Paul Zenon”, it was hysterical and you really had to be there but I managed to preserve the chat. We knew from watching him on TV in the 90’s who he was, it was just great fun. I later explained and apologised because I didn’t want him to put a gypsy curse on me.

This update is getting crazy hella big and some of the “news” can wait, it will just end up in the next Journal update.

Oh yeah! I have a website.

Holy Speed Camera Batman!

Holy Speed Camera Batman!

I have no real excuse for not updating, things have happened I could have posted about. Anyway I will just do a mahoosive update and hopefully it will move Bill Clinton off the homepage. Batman, Olympics, Music, Looper, Garden, Nexus.

The Olympics is finally over after 6 years of TWENTY TWELVE adverts, it was worse than the digital switchover. Bring on the end of PPI.

I was going to do a review of Batman Forever or whatever it was called, I can’t remember enough of it to do one, the caption was made for that review and to save an hour of searching for an image I thought I would borrow it. I really enjoyed it but it wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight and the ending pissed me off because it sets it up for an amazing 4th film that will probably never happen now. Twatman. 8/10 though.

I ended up getting a huge music collection for about 60 quid. It’s another 30 or so albums which I just never bought when they came out. An amazon retailer called “Zoverstocks” sells them for 1p plus £1.26 postage so I bought all the Stereophonics back catalog.. catalogue, some Snow Patrol, Kasabian, Jet, Massive Attack, Aqualung, Travis, The Verve, The Killers, Moby and more. Basically all the stuff I used to listen to at college.

As you know I am a huge fan of Brick, I first heard about Looper, Rian Johnsons’ new film a couple of years ago when he setup the Looper Blog and Hopefully this week I will be going to see it. Anyway I have a UK Quad Cinema Poster for Brick, it’s very rare and i snapped it up off Ebay and now I have done the same with Looper. This is also a Quad Cinema Poster and I think it’s the UK one. Both are going to get framed as the Brick one is starting to show its age and needs preserving.

Also over the summer I sorted the front garden out in the same style as the back. It needed 4 bags of slate and I still had the pebbles from last year. It took a couple of months because of the weather but it’s all done now so no more gardening!

I bought a Google Nexus 7 tablet, I waited patiently as nearly all tablets before it were just huge crappy messes with no battery life. I can’t live without it now and use it every day. I got the 16gb version but there is rumors of a 32gb version coming for the same price. I haven’t had a space issue but people who aren’t signed up to Netflix or anything like that might want the space to store tv shows or whatnot. It has also replaced my laptop as a business tool, unless i had to do some serious website work the nexus does everything and i can even hook it up to my phones internet, I invented that technology years ago i called it Waptop but never had the money to do it ah well.