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I went back, back to the future!

Now that's what i call a porn film.

Now that’s what i call a porn film.

Digging up old posts, redesigning the scrapbook from the ground up not to mention all the other stuff. Kishi Bashi, Leeds, of Montreal, Yip Deceiver, Kendal Memes.

I would have posted last week, in fact I tweeted that I would. When I came to add my of Monreal scrapbook, I forgot it was broken. So I bit the bullet and obliterated the scrapbook and integrated it into this article thing you are reading now. Basically it means you can search the website for scrapbooks now.

This took a few days to add and tweak all the scrapbooks, I even managed to find Simon Pegg’s tweet so I could date the Shaun of the Dead Rising 2 scrapbook properly.

There were a couple of pictures missing so while i was searching for them i stubled upon the original Booshambles code. I actually had 2 files named, archive2005 and archive2006. So with another few days work i have added nearly all the posts from the original site back in. It’s suprising how small they were but if i remember the way the site was designed a paragraph looked pretty big. I also found the official Booshambles Website birthday, It’s June 10th so mark your diaries. The forum is also coming back just for practice in setting one up really and to see if i can keep it bot free.

On to the actual update. I went to Leeds again, quite the adventure, I read The Body by Stephen King over the whole week off, mainly on the train there and back. Excellent story as i have said before, especially while on a train, 3 hours travel flew by, or should i say trained by ah ha ah.

I went to see of Montreal again and there was an amazing band on before them called Yip Deceiver, which is made up of 2 members of of Montreal. Go grab the EP from iTunes for £2.99. Also Kishi Bashi was there as part of of Montreal. He just released his first album and again it’s excellent, I ordered it from the US for about £8. When it turned up it came with all this stuff:

A Spring tour postcard
A Watermelon Jolly Rancher
Two Kishi Bashi button badges
A Kishi Bashi Sticker
A Joyful Noise Sticker (The Record Label)
The Album

Crazy stuff, which brings me on to Troy setting up Kendal Memes on facebook, i did three and thought i would stick them up here.

That is all.

Thought i would knock one out.

How Skins should have ended.

How Skins should have ended.

Messing around with my camera and listening to lots of music, that’s about it. Snow, looking evil, of Montreal, drawing.

Just a short update really with a fair few pictures. With all this snow we had on Saturday I took a couple of pictures including a very arty one which was just next to the garage, i think the shadow was coming from the tree in next doors garden. Also since i am more beardy than i was i thought i would update my facebook picture. I quickly took this and put my hood up to see what it would look like. Scary stuff and so i thought i would keep it.

Also Troy spotted that of Montreal are touring in the UK again and it’s in Leeds so i can go visit and see the band, avoiding the hell hole city that is Manchester. In anticipation i went ahead and bought the album from polyvinyl records. The best thing about them as a record label is that they give you instant access to a nice 320kbps album download. So i don’t have to wait two weeks for it to turn up from the US before i can listen to it. It’s one of their stranger albums but it’s growing on me although i still think False Priest is better.

I also finally finished Ashes to Ashes and it’s a great tv show if you get the chance watch Life on Mars THEN Ashes to Ashes. Anyway Ashes is set in the 80’s and i have now been listening to the best of The Human League. Especially Mirror Man

It’s just so good.

I used to have a tablet, back in the day a tablet was something you plugged in to your computer and used for drawing. Mine had a serial connection because USB hadn’t been invented, it’s that old. Anyway i thought it would be fun to get another one and do some cartoons again and just generally mess around with it. So i will add some stuff i do to the site even if it is sheyet.

Well that is all for this update, i’m not doing too bad at updating but want to try get a few more rants and raves going on. So maybe something next week….


I was going to update last year, then i...

I was going to update last year, then i…

New Year, New Layout, it’s going to be a busy year. This is just a round up of things that went on while the site was broken. GAME Fest, Skyrim, Christmas, TV and more…

The new layout isn’t finished yet, i still have some work to do down the right hand side and change the menu a bit. The main reason for the change was that I spent some time finding images and doing captions, unless you clicked on them they were not being seen. So nice big captions from now on.

Another reason was I was getting bored looking at the same page all the time, this was my own fault because I never update the bloody site. The site broke because of my shoddy coding, I upgraded the hosting to get more for my money but the newer version of php meant my admin panel I made wouldn’t post anything. Carl to the rescue as usual…

The site didn’t get fixed for 5 months because Gears of War 3 came out then Skyrim, curse that game. I took a week off just to play it playing it on average 8 hours a day, I am almost ashamed. Currently taking some time away from it as work is starting to pile up out of nowhere. More on that later.

So me and Chris went to GAMEfest at the NEC, it involved some stupid o’clock train travel and lots of walking. I blagged a Booshambles dog tag and a Mass Effect 3 Tshirt. Don’t think I would go again though as it only took a few hours to see everything worth seeing. Still an enjoyable day though.

Then I got into some TV shows; The Walking Dead season 2, Misfits, Life on Mars and Dexter to name the ones I can remember. I want to do a little roundup of stuff maybe a monthly pick later in the month.

All that stuff combined with working meant I didn’t get the site fixed until a few weeks ago, then I was too busy with Christmas and cooked the meal from scratch. The timing was perfect and the only thing that went a bit wrong were the Yorkshire puddings, but I think we didnt have the right flour or the oven hot enough.

That brings us up to now and I am suprisingly busy with work, with a couple of big websites on the go I will be hard pushed to get my gaming in. Also the work rota is changing back to recession mode so I will be working Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays again. 3 days off in a row is great for getting website work done/gaming/drinking.

I am off to do some gaming/drinking…


End of Summer Update… Honest

I sense I am about to be Fassbendered

I sense I am about to be Fassbendered

Wow what a summer it has been. I forgot or couldn’t be bothered to update Booshambles for a few months and this is basically a good time to get away with it. Everything i can remember that has happened over summer. Bridesmaids, Ground Force, Birthday, Zombies, Playstation, Hackintosh.

Well i have been genuinely busy these last few months, i finally threw or gave away enough stuff in the shed to knock it down and redo the garden. It was basically some crazy paving from the 80s then a shed, then more paving with a whirly gig in it. Thanks to Ian, a sledge hammer and a pickaxe we got rid of all that and covered it with slate and pebbles.

That was mainly all i did in August except for turning 28. Just went out for a few drinks it was good, despite getting gay porn and Barbara Windsor work out DVDs off Chris it was a painless birthday.

I also went to see Bridesmaids with Troy and we were probably the only blokes in there who weren’t gay or dragged along by their wives or girlfriends. It was surprisingly excellent and i have always liked Kristen Wiig and although it has it’s generic girly moments it’s a very funny film.

There was going to be an update devoted to my hackintosh, which is basically getting a PC to run apple’s operating system. It’s harder than you think but about 4x cheaper than a mac, for about £250 i have a mac with the similar spec to a £1000+ iMac. If you know how to build a PC then you just need to find compatible components, the hardest part was installing the operating system.

Unlike Windows when you install the wrong audio driver it wont boot ever again, so all you can do is format and try again. It is all working now and it was more of an experiment than something i would rely on.

Another experiment of sorts was trying to get a cheap Playstation 1 to play Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 because i never played them before. So for £15 i got a PSOne and another 60 quid or so got me 2 memory cards, Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3, Metal Gear Solid 1 and ReVolt. Which isn’t bad at all considering the age of the games. I missed out that entire console generation as i went to PC so my first console was a SNES in 1992, then it was an Xbox 360 in 2006. Well that is all for now.

That is all until the Christmas as the site is broken and i dont have time to fix it until then.

15 Minute Makeover

Trust me once the airbrushing is done the Sex and the City 3 Poster will be great

Trust me once the airbrushing is done the Sex and the City 3 Poster will be great

Doing this update because i wanted to see if it becomes visible while i am at work. I only have about 15 minutes so as long as i keep typing it should be done in time, so here goes. Tranny Lawson, Easter Poster, Of Montreal, Air Heads.

A bit like the cheating that goes on in 60 Minute Makeover i did all the images before i started this 15, now 14 minute post. No one ever do that for me by the way i would go fucking ape shit if someone changed my room because they wanted a more Mediterranean feel.

Anyway it’s been a month and a few things have happened worth mentioning. Troy wants a Zoku Lolly maker, and i googled it to see if they were going cheap anywhere when i came across this awesome picture.

A “Girl” showing off the fun of said lolly maker. It only took a second to think “that looks like Mat”, so off to fireworks i went to knock up a Tranny Lawson… if you know what i mean.

During the Easter weekend when the weather was still nice i was out with tranny, i mean Mat and Troy for a quiet drink and some pool. On our journey through town i spotted this poster outside the local prayer group room thing. My camera was shit but luckily i found a picture of it on the net. My Easter was Jesus free but i did work every bank holiday over it. I don’t think Jesus gives out time and a half plus a day in lieu, just bad egg jokes it seems.

I can’t remember if i mentioned this a few months ago but i bought some Of Montreal CDs from America. One of them was a preorder so the company wasn’t going to send them all out until the preordered one was released. Anyway a month or so later they turned up, all looking great and i will add a picture in the next update. For some reason they sent over an apple flavored taffy bar, apparently it’s a popular brand and it just reminded me of Wham! bars without the crispy bits in.

With one minute to go i will finish off by saying that i got more updates queued up so they will just appear over the next few weeks like magic.

Off to work now… actually i am already at work and it’s about 4:30 so yeah.

What a month

Nobody was happy when Ron learned the 'Arseus Explodeus' spell

Nobody was happy when Ron learned the ‘Arseus Explodeus’ spell

Been rather busy with work and going out nearly every day i have had off. Leeds, Pub Crawl, Cold Pizza.

First off I have made a few changes to the site. I can now hide articles so updates can be worked on over time then made visible when finished. Also I can change the time something is posted so I never miss a deadline. It’s cheating but no one reads this anyway. Once i have learned how to make articles visible on a certain date the site will update itself as long as i stay ahead of the updates. It’s all to do with timestamps kids.

Sadly this new system was setup after this journal so there is probably a few things that i have missed out, that won’t happen anymore because as soon as something interesting happens i will make a note of it hidden away until later.

Anyway on with the update y’all.

Well after the Of Montreal gig in Manchester i went to with Troy, he began a campaign of pestering me to go see him at Leeds. After a bit of research and good timing i managed to get a ticket to Leeds from Kendal for £14.50 with a change at the dreaded Manchester.

I said this in the Leeds Scrapbook but i don’t have a compact/good digital camera, something the size of a phone would do. All i have is a big chunky professional thing so there is only one picture of me in Leeds and Troy took it and he can’t find his camera, add irony where appropriate. Maybe i didn’t go to Leeds after all.

The week after Leeds we had a Pub Crawl, which was one drink in Ring O Bells, Wheatsheaf, Brewery, Shakespeare, Wetherspoons, Burgandys, Ruskins then Dickie Doodles. No one really managed a drink at Dickies and i was still drunk the next day. If we did it again we wouldn’t bother going to Ring O Bells again, it’s a strange place. It was a good night though and picked up Rory on from Wetherspoons, who i asked if he wanted to be on Booshambles, he said YEAH like it was something awesome. So here you go Rory enjoy. Also in Burgandys Chris wanted a pint of Duvel, i was drunk enough to buy it at over £6 a pint, upon researching the name for this journal i found it was 8.5%.

A few weeks ago the oven broke, and it’s amazing how much i actually use it. If the microwave had gone too i would probably have starved to death. Ended up buying an overpriced dominoes because i ran out of stuff to microwave and really fancied a pizza. Didn’t eat it all and only because we had no oven i kept the left over slices. Never had cold pizza before, just because it never appealed to me like cold gravy or melted ice cream. It was really nice though.

Well that will do i think, it has taken me ages to get this update together because i ran out of caption pictures and doing all this background stuff to the site not had any time as usual.

New Year Hot Dogs?

and you thought i couldn't be a bigger helmet.

and you thought i couldn’t be a bigger helmet.

I am fighting laziness to bring you these updates so here goes. Chinese Hot Dogs, Clint Eastwood, Ebay and College.

This shouldn’t take me too long as nothing much has happened in the last couple of weeks except this weird shit. So i was at work which involves taking stuff out of boxes and putting it in other boxes, when I found this wrapper.

It must have been in some other warehouse in china; fallen out of someone’s pocket and wedged between two boxes. I wanted to find a proper picture of the logo so went to the website which was on the wrapper. It was all in Cantonese or Chinese and I couldn’t find the actual product but I found other delights. I had to take a picture of the pigs trotters you can order online. They also sold pigtails of the not a hair style variety.

I have just found another wrapper which I scanned in over a year ago but forgot, will research it and put it up on the next update.

In other news I bought The Spaghetti Western Trilogy on Bluray for £10. I have to confess I’ve only seen the first one and the other two bits of. I’m planning a week off in early march by booking 2 days off work, so will work Monday and Wednesday one week and Friday Saturday the next. In that week I plan on watching a “bluray a day” as I have a few that are bought but unwatched. I will also be emptying the garage, building a media center for the living room and other bits and bobs.

Sold my first things on ebay, it’s quite fun and what put me off all these years was having to go into town and weigh everything and pay for postage. I don’t know how long this has been available but you can just use PayPal and print a prepaid postage label off. Got rid of 3 Xbox games, might try it with some DVDs that have been replaced by blurays.

I also found a picture from the local paper from about 10 years ago so I scanned it in. We are in the back middle.

Bye for now

I’m always up for a quickie

I thought they smelt bad... on the outside

I thought they smelt bad… on the outside

Trying to update more so here goes, Henry Westons, Flooding and Dodos.

Not really been up to much so just thought i would post this stuff before i forgot. I ordered some Henry Weston Glasses (The drinking kind) in October, they turned up today. They are about half pint size i would say, very nice though.

If you have a life you won’t have seen this but i saw this last night. Very funny moron watch and enjoy.

Walking home last night across Romney bridge you could see the river about a foot from going up the bank. I only had my phone on my so had to brighten up the image as best i could.

Nothing else has really happened that i can think of that’s worth mentioning so it’s a bit of a pointless update but there you go.

New Year Roundup


If you tell anyone it was a wet dream, so help me god...

If you tell anyone it was a wet dream, so help me god…

I can put it off no longer, i must update before the year is out. Of Montreal, Asian Investors, Booshambles Mugs, Plans, Red Dead Redemption, False Priest, New Phone and Fifth Element. Probably even more too when i start writing it.

Wow how many i will update it tomorrows have been going round my mind. I even started this intro about a month ago and didn’t finish it. The problem was new thing kept happening then Christmas and what not kept me busy i was going to do it last week then i was ill. With the excuses out of the way let’s get on with the update.

First of all i never said how my Trip to Manchester went, well if you want the film version of how i got home just watch “Planes, Trains and Auto Mobiles”. The gig was excellent and i have already posted a few pictures in the scrapbook. When it came to sleeping at Robs, that was a different story, i ended up sleeping in the Kitchen for 3 hours then it was up at 6am to try get a train home. 3 hours later i finally made it, never again. Unless Of Montreal are on in Manchester in 2011 then all the hassle will be worth it.

Also i bought some posters from America the picture isn’t that great but the red one is the album cover.

I’m self employed half the week while the other week i work in a warehouse, it’s a nice balance. The best thing about being self employed, isn’t the extra money or even being your own boss, it’s the stuff that comes in the post.

Scams, 15 year olds CVs, Business Junk mail i have it all. This is a new one though (see the image on the right) It is a letter from a company who gets around the hassle of immigration buy buying a business in the UK then filling it with immigrants. I was almost tempted to sell them my business for £200,000 just to see if they would pay. I wonder how many Asians can fit in my bedroom?

Christmas was crappy this year, i avoided the shit weather by sacrificing a week off in march so i could have two weeks at Christmas. I ended up being ill from about the 23rd to the 27th, i was going to go out Christmas eve and Christmas day and boxing day. Instead i watched die hard while uncontrollably shaking and coughing, to be fair i never realised how good that film is when your just too ill to do anything, give it a go next time you’re rotten. I found the last Booshambles mug so gave it to Troy, i think he likes it.

For some unknown reason i got totally addicted to Red Dead Redemption, ended up going for achievements i couldn’t be bothered with and now everyone i know has bought it. The “West-Dickens Mobile” travels the countryside grabbing land and killing scum. Mat threw a tomahawk at my crotch and from the right angle looked rather flattering for old West-Dickens.

I also got a new phone an Orange San Francisco, the customer service is awful and rude so i bought it online and instantly unlocked it and went back to Three. Fuck you Orange.

I will talk about what i got over Christmas in the next update but i managed to get my hands on a region free Fifth Element on Bluray which i bought from America. It hasn’t been released here for some reason and it turned up 3 weeks later, completely forgot i ordered it. Going to watch it over new years.Think that will do for now. I have some plans for the site with updates and features so should be good…

Happy New Year!

When will I, will I be famous?

Although Shia broke the stock exchange looking at porn, it was never as bad as Indiana Jones 4.

Although Shia broke the stock exchange looking at porn, it was never as bad as Indiana Jones 4.

I am actually looking a bit like Shia in that picture at the moment, wondering what to write. Well i will start with Birthday stuff first, i turned 27 and if you search Booshambles for Birthday you should find the last 4 years of birthday posts, this one is a bit more special though.

Chris yet again Surpassed his usual bunch of shit films with “cock” wrapping paper. Luckily our meal got cancelled but if we had gone i would have had to unwrap these beauties. Not to mention Ian buying me “Labia: Warrior Princess” or the High School Musical 3 bedsheets from Chris. Only Carl took my Birthday seriously and got me lots of zombie films.

I also went to see Scott Pilgrim at the Brewery, not knowing anything about it i was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it, it will look amazing on bluray methinks.

I’m venturing to Manchester on Tuesday to see Of Montreal. It looks like it will be at a student spot but i think i still got the moves to pass for 18…… honest. So it will be quite the adventure for me since i don’t leave Kendal well ever.

Gaming wise Halo Reach came out and i got my brand new xbox for a whopping 6 quid because of the amount of shite games and 2 refurb consoles i traded in. If you have the old ones i recommend the new ones; cooler, use less power and nearly silent. It is actually quieter than my pc which is very hard to top.

Also the game that got me into Xbox in the firstplace, Dead Rising had it’s sequel come out. I completed it over the weekend and it is just brilliant, story wise not as good as the first but as a game far better.

This leads me to welcoming potentially 500,000 more people to the site although highly doubtful. I was going for 1000 zombie kills barehanded and got myself a new outfit for doing it. I follow Simon Pegg on twitter and thought he might like it so told him about it. Celebs don’t tend to talk to us working class scum but good old simon replied:

@simonpegg just so you know there is a shaun of the dead outfit in dead rising 2 if you kill 1000 zombies barehanded.. it has red on it.

@Booshambles No shit?! That’s very cool.

@simonpegg a picture of the outfit, just for you…

Simon Pegg:
I gotta get me Dead Rising 2 ASAP!! RT @Booshambles: a picture of the outfit, just for you…

He only went and retweeted to his 500k+ followers a link to the bloody scrapbook! I got a whopping 8 random followers because of it. So who knows, people might actually be reading this now and looking at the cock drawings and everything. Exciting times.

Today i went and got myself 18 bottles of Henry Westons for £18 quid a saving of £18! and they are the 1880 edition. Things are definitely looking up… now where did i put Labia: Warrior Princess?