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Buying Shit Films For Fun

Skies the Vertical Limit

Skies the Vertical Limit

So you’re bored, you have some spare cash and you want to be entertained. Paying the homeless to fight each other just won’t cut it any more, you need something more, you need Sylvester Stallone.

I am what David Dickinson calls a Bargin Hunter, i like to wait for a DVD to come down in price before it get it. I even wait until they bring out a better version of the disc like i did with mission impossible, i think that was 8 years. The other buying rule is never get those nasty triple packs, with 3 seemingly random films thrown together in one box.

I pity the fool who buys your shitty ass movies

I pity the fool who buys your shitty ass movies

Well i have now broken that rule, the price was simply too low to ignore, for only £5.95 i found one of those nasty triple packs. Vertical Limit, Twister and Daylight for £5.95. I just had a craving for some good old cheesy rubbish, Twister is ok actually but Vertical Limit is awful. Daylight is so funny oh i can’t wait.

It didn’t stop there though, oh no i had to search for more collections. Then i was pleasantly surprised, i found Sideways, Walk the Line and Goodnight and Good Luck for £6.95. I haven’t seen any of these however Walk the Line is a biopic about Johnny Cash.

I then remembered what Vertical Limit and Sylvester Stallone have in common, that’s right…. Cliffhanger. So for just £3.99 i bought this masterpiece.

Best thing is i can do a mini review on some of these with the features section. The bargain was officially hunted and i ended up getting 7 films for £16 after i get some cashback through quidco.

The moral of the story is it’s ok to buy triple film box sets if the films are so bad they are good.