Just shy of a month

Who's your big daddy (I doubt i was the first to think of that)

Who’s your big daddy (I doubt i was the first to think of that)

Not only was i sick of seeing Quark from Star Trek on my homepage, i have been wanting to update it for a month now. I have finally gotten round to it.

Where do i begin.

Well let’s see i am just reading when i last posted…

Ah well i got an Xbox 360 back it wasn’t mine though but a replacement. It’s quieter but i have found that the premium consoles for whatever reason take longer to sign into your profile than a core, why i don’t know.

It hasn’t been a month away from booshambles really, there has been a lot going on in the background especially with the scrapbook which is changing all the time. It’s now grown enough to be split into several sections and it is even easier for me to update. I recently took my digital camera with me to a place called wild burn in the lake district, where i happen to live.

Weirdly and disturbingly this was the first time THIS YEAR that i had left Kendal. Probably the longest time i have been in one place for along time. It was a great day out and if it’s possible to be proud of batteries then i am one of the lucky few who is. I managed to take 250 pictures on single set and probably could have taken more but it was getting late and needed to head back. There are a handful of pictures in the scrapbook under the photography section for you to have a look at. I managed to add a description to most of them so you know what is going on and why i took them etc.

I have been on a spending spree recently although for the most part it has been bargains, mainly cheap DVD’s but i have also got some more music. Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd have released two albums which i got from America using play.com’s play trade thingy. “After the Night Falls” and “Before the Day Breaks” are albums which complement each other really, I have really got into chilled out music recently and usually because of the films i have been watching. Which brings me on to the DVD’s.

I have given Bill Murray some attention and bought “The Life Aquatic”, “Lost in Translation” and a film i have yet to see called “Broken Flowers”. I want to add another unheard of DVD to reviews section so i might wait until my holiday next week to review and watch it.

Also Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 and 2 are on the way along with Fraiser Season 6, quite an eclectic mix of high brow comedy and children’s cartoons. Personally i think Spongebob is the only decent children’s TV program running today and it reminds me of Ren and Stimpy which i also love.

Wow on to a third chapter, this is quite a blogfest. I have also been learning schooladdict’s word association game over at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s website hitrecord.org I feel confident enough to recite it all in one go. The poem/monologue/story was created by several people (myself included) by posting one word on a forum which was followed by another that was associated with that word. Then one of the forum members called schooladdict created a whole story out of the words and filled in the blanks. The best portion of it was then created into a recording by Joe and put on his website.

Finally i will end this with commenting on the caption. Yes i know there will probably be gamer sites using the same caption but i havn’t seen them so that will do. Plus anything is better than Quarks ugly bugger lugs staring at me whenever i launch firefox. If you have been living in a toilet for the last 6 months or you have a life which doesn’t involve games then you won’t know about bioshock.

It’s out next friday and i can’t wait. I am getting it on the 360 to get the best experience i can without buying a new computer. Sadly the Beast is getting too long in the tooth to run this young whippersnapper of a game so the 360 it is.

I think that will do for now, it is my 24th birthday soon, something i never thought i would type. Anyway i will update before during and after then no doubt.

Tatty Bye Bye