Changes are a footish

Jack loves his new tag the police gave him.

Jack loves his new tag the police gave him.

Well folks it has been a long time again, i won’t even bother to promise to update more often. Who knows it might actually make me update more now i am not being pressured into producing results. It has been another busy month though. It’s not every month a Hollywood actor says Booshambles. You heard…

Well before all that i would like to say that the homepage has had a slight change, the news at the top is gone. The section hasn’t been deleted or anything but the place it had on the home page is hidden now because i just don’t have time to keep adding stuff.

I have about 5 minutes to type a big update so let’s go for it, this links nicely into my new keyboard which should hopefully help me update a bit quicker. I recently bought a Logitech Mx3200 to replace what was basically a prototype wireless keyboard and mouse. The set i had was incredibly old and the mouse guzzled batteries, the keys were clunky and it was falling to bits. Also the N key had faded why i don’t know.

So what has been going on? Well first it has been a busy month working on websites and in the trusty old warehouse so i haven’t been on much. The orange box came out so i ended up playing that on the week i was going to update, then last friday i was going to update but was pretty tired. So i chose 5 minutes before i have to leave the house to hopefully see Ghostbusters.

If Chris and Carl turn up now i will just add this to the site and carry on tomorrow morning. Remember when i said a Hollywood actor said Booshambles, well i wasn’t lying.

I hang out in Joeseph Gordon-Levitt’s forum, not in a creepy hanging things out of my pants way but in a recording events or making art kind of way. Anyway i did a picture for his brothers birthday and he gave thanks and said my username BOOSHAMBLES. I am more impressed he liked my work enough to show it, but the fact he said booshambles in his cool “whatever accent he has accent” was a bonus.

I also bought Star Trek Legacy on the Xbox 360 for a tenner. It’s not worth any more than that but it is surprisingly enjoyable.

I think they are here so more tomorrow (ooo the suspense)