End of Summer Update… Honest

I sense I am about to be Fassbendered

I sense I am about to be Fassbendered

Wow what a summer it has been. I forgot or couldn’t be bothered to update Booshambles for a few months and this is basically a good time to get away with it. Everything i can remember that has happened over summer. Bridesmaids, Ground Force, Birthday, Zombies, Playstation, Hackintosh.

Well i have been genuinely busy these last few months, i finally threw or gave away enough stuff in the shed to knock it down and redo the garden. It was basically some crazy paving from the 80s then a shed, then more paving with a whirly gig in it. Thanks to Ian, a sledge hammer and a pickaxe we got rid of all that and covered it with slate and pebbles.

That was mainly all i did in August except for turning 28. Just went out for a few drinks it was good, despite getting gay porn and Barbara Windsor work out DVDs off Chris it was a painless birthday.

I also went to see Bridesmaids with Troy and we were probably the only blokes in there who weren’t gay or dragged along by their wives or girlfriends. It was surprisingly excellent and i have always liked Kristen Wiig and although it has it’s generic girly moments it’s a very funny film.

There was going to be an update devoted to my hackintosh, which is basically getting a PC to run apple’s operating system. It’s harder than you think but about 4x cheaper than a mac, for about £250 i have a mac with the similar spec to a £1000+ iMac. If you know how to build a PC then you just need to find compatible components, the hardest part was installing the operating system.

Unlike Windows when you install the wrong audio driver it wont boot ever again, so all you can do is format and try again. It is all working now and it was more of an experiment than something i would rely on.

Another experiment of sorts was trying to get a cheap Playstation 1 to play Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 because i never played them before. So for £15 i got a PSOne and another 60 quid or so got me 2 memory cards, Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3, Metal Gear Solid 1 and ReVolt. Which isn’t bad at all considering the age of the games. I missed out that entire console generation as i went to PC so my first console was a SNES in 1992, then it was an Xbox 360 in 2006. Well that is all for now.

That is all until the Christmas as the site is broken and i dont have time to fix it until then.