WordPressed for time.

Fashion: it is the key to our evolution.

Fashion: it is the key to our evolution.

Well that year went fast.

Work got busy and I forgot to update, then I was sorting my garage out in the Spring, sat outside in the Summer and played on the Xbox in the Autumn. However things have happened and the way the old website worked it wasn’t very easy to just post things as it happened. Until now…. CUE MUSIC!

Booshambles has always been a playground, I use it to learn how to make websites then use elements from it to make sites that earn money. WordPress basically killed the local web design industry because people can just set this up for free and do everything themselves. Although web design isn’t my main source of income I still want to do it and get paid so this is the next step. Learning how to configure WordPress to make it look like the old bespoke Booshambles is a great way to do that.

I was suprised how much WordPress and Booshambles were alike, my admin panel was very basic but had most of the functionality. Design wise it’s completely different as I had one page basically showing about 90% of the site, you just clicked links to change what was being shown. Learning where properties for some of the basic design choices has been more difficult than anything really.

Then I spent the next 3 weeks (probably a good 40 hours) republishing all the old posts, scrapbooks and other content. I glanced through some of the posts and left behind old film, tv and game news as there really isn’t any need to keep them. Also a few journal updates which were basically me saying I was going to update are gone too. I had the opportunity to go back through the scrapbook and reupload all the images that I could find at higher res. The Brick Wall being a prime example, I got the scanner out and scanned in every page of the Brick Booklets as well as uploading higher quality scans of all the posters and artcards. The new site has also allowed me to upload content thought lost, I found some old files including audio and animated gifs!

I was still using twitter and have gone through old tweets looking for things worthy of an article then expanding upon it. Mostly it was “Tonights film is” which I have now used to replace reviews, the idea is I will post using my Nexus 7 which film I’m watching tonight. Then when I have time go back and edit the post and add in a score and comments. I watch a lot of films so it’s a great way to quickly build up a mini review section (already got 23!). Plus on repeat viewings I will go back and maybe add in things I have noticed a second time around.

I have had the Quad UK Brick Poster for years and have been meaning to get it properly framed for ages. When Looper came out in the Cinema I went on ebay and snapped up a Quad UK Cinema Poster for that too. Finally 9 months later I found a website that sells reusable poster frames, their actual use is business adverts like the ones you see in banks. They just screw into the walls and you snap the silver bezel around the poster, they also come with a plastic film to place on top. £70 quid in total but the frames are now a permanent feature of the room.

Who the fuck are you Paul Zennon!?

Who the fuck are you Paul Zenon!?

In the past we have had a shout out from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a retweet by Simon Pegg and even had some of the content featured on Director Rian Johnson’s Website. This for me is up there with the best of them. Basically a Facebook friend called Chris Cook has THE Paul Zenon on his friends list, when me and Chris Medcalf were chatting over Xbox I had the slightly drunken idea of joining in the conversation. It went along the lines of “I should say who the fuck are you Paul Zenon”, it was hysterical and you really had to be there but I managed to preserve the chat. We knew from watching him on TV in the 90’s who he was, it was just great fun. I later explained and apologised because I didn’t want him to put a gypsy curse on me.

This update is getting crazy hella big and some of the “news” can wait, it will just end up in the next Journal update.