What is Booshambles?

The idea started from wanting my own website. Just to post random stuff like images, my work rota and reviews. It was going to be a place mainly for reviews and people I know were the only ones going to look at it. The site was originally called “Review Me Do” back in 2002.

Review Me Doshambles

Review Me Doshambles

It took so long to get the design right plus I had pages for each games console of the time, tv, film, vegetable, mineral and so on. The site was huge without any content and in the end i just scrapped it. I made one icon for PC reviews which was a computer with pong on it, it brought about the design for Booshambles.

The site was just black & white squares and it still had no name. It was now early 2004 and I had a layout for just posting updates of my goings on. I spent ages trying to think of a name and couldn’t come up with one. On Radio Paradise, an online radio station I used to always listen to, but they were playing this song.

I wasn’t really paying attention and I had heard it before, thinking it was Mr. Booshambles. Then i just messed around with fonts until i liked the look of Booshambles.