More “Business Class” DLC for GTA V


GTA V seems to be holding off on the large expansions we expect from Rockstar, probably because they are busy porting it to PC and maybe even Xbox One/PS4?

The other reason is in game money! It’s fun and easy to earn cash but some people want it quick and pay real money for GTA $. This sort of DLC however small is actually profitable as £40 gets you $1.5 Million, which sounds like a lot but the recent Valentines DLC had a car which cost $750,000 so £20 for a 1 vehicle.

The only reason this isn’t the worst thing in the gaming world since the Season Pass is because for about 5-10 hours of good gameplay you can afford it with money you make in the game.

I love these content updates because more vehicles, especially planes are what keep the same old missions fun and give you something to spend your money on.


Tuesday 4th will bring out new sports cars, The Albany Alpha, Dunka Jester and Grotti Turismo R. A new plane (Above) called the Vestra, looks like a 2 seater but i bet it’s nippy. 2 new weapons with the Heavy Pistol (probably a Desert Eagle) and Special Carbine. Also some more Suits and glasses to make you look all pro and ting.

This weekend also marks the last chance to buy that really expensive car and all the other Valentines DLC, until next year probably.