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15 Minute Makeover

Trust me once the airbrushing is done the Sex and the City 3 Poster will be great

Trust me once the airbrushing is done the Sex and the City 3 Poster will be great

Doing this update because i wanted to see if it becomes visible while i am at work. I only have about 15 minutes so as long as i keep typing it should be done in time, so here goes. Tranny Lawson, Easter Poster, Of Montreal, Air Heads.

A bit like the cheating that goes on in 60 Minute Makeover i did all the images before i started this 15, now 14 minute post. No one ever do that for me by the way i would go fucking ape shit if someone changed my room because they wanted a more Mediterranean feel.

Anyway it’s been a month and a few things have happened worth mentioning. Troy wants a Zoku Lolly maker, and i googled it to see if they were going cheap anywhere when i came across this awesome picture.

A “Girl” showing off the fun of said lolly maker. It only took a second to think “that looks like Mat”, so off to fireworks i went to knock up a Tranny Lawson… if you know what i mean.

During the Easter weekend when the weather was still nice i was out with tranny, i mean Mat and Troy for a quiet drink and some pool. On our journey through town i spotted this poster outside the local prayer group room thing. My camera was shit but luckily i found a picture of it on the net. My Easter was Jesus free but i did work every bank holiday over it. I don’t think Jesus gives out time and a half plus a day in lieu, just bad egg jokes it seems.

I can’t remember if i mentioned this a few months ago but i bought some Of Montreal CDs from America. One of them was a preorder so the company wasn’t going to send them all out until the preordered one was released. Anyway a month or so later they turned up, all looking great and i will add a picture in the next update. For some reason they sent over an apple flavored taffy bar, apparently it’s a popular brand and it just reminded me of Wham! bars without the crispy bits in.

With one minute to go i will finish off by saying that i got more updates queued up so they will just appear over the next few weeks like magic.

Off to work now… actually i am already at work and it’s about 4:30 so yeah.