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End of Summer Update… Honest

I sense I am about to be Fassbendered

I sense I am about to be Fassbendered

Wow what a summer it has been. I forgot or couldn’t be bothered to update Booshambles for a few months and this is basically a good time to get away with it. Everything i can remember that has happened over summer. Bridesmaids, Ground Force, Birthday, Zombies, Playstation, Hackintosh.

Well i have been genuinely busy these last few months, i finally threw or gave away enough stuff in the shed to knock it down and redo the garden. It was basically some crazy paving from the 80s then a shed, then more paving with a whirly gig in it. Thanks to Ian, a sledge hammer and a pickaxe we got rid of all that and covered it with slate and pebbles.

That was mainly all i did in August except for turning 28. Just went out for a few drinks it was good, despite getting gay porn and Barbara Windsor work out DVDs off Chris it was a painless birthday.

I also went to see Bridesmaids with Troy and we were probably the only blokes in there who weren’t gay or dragged along by their wives or girlfriends. It was surprisingly excellent and i have always liked Kristen Wiig and although it has it’s generic girly moments it’s a very funny film.

There was going to be an update devoted to my hackintosh, which is basically getting a PC to run apple’s operating system. It’s harder than you think but about 4x cheaper than a mac, for about £250 i have a mac with the similar spec to a £1000+ iMac. If you know how to build a PC then you just need to find compatible components, the hardest part was installing the operating system.

Unlike Windows when you install the wrong audio driver it wont boot ever again, so all you can do is format and try again. It is all working now and it was more of an experiment than something i would rely on.

Another experiment of sorts was trying to get a cheap Playstation 1 to play Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 because i never played them before. So for £15 i got a PSOne and another 60 quid or so got me 2 memory cards, Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3, Metal Gear Solid 1 and ReVolt. Which isn’t bad at all considering the age of the games. I missed out that entire console generation as i went to PC so my first console was a SNES in 1992, then it was an Xbox 360 in 2006. Well that is all for now.

That is all until the Christmas as the site is broken and i dont have time to fix it until then.

When will I, will I be famous?

Although Shia broke the stock exchange looking at porn, it was never as bad as Indiana Jones 4.

Although Shia broke the stock exchange looking at porn, it was never as bad as Indiana Jones 4.

I am actually looking a bit like Shia in that picture at the moment, wondering what to write. Well i will start with Birthday stuff first, i turned 27 and if you search Booshambles for Birthday you should find the last 4 years of birthday posts, this one is a bit more special though.

Chris yet again Surpassed his usual bunch of shit films with “cock” wrapping paper. Luckily our meal got cancelled but if we had gone i would have had to unwrap these beauties. Not to mention Ian buying me “Labia: Warrior Princess” or the High School Musical 3 bedsheets from Chris. Only Carl took my Birthday seriously and got me lots of zombie films.

I also went to see Scott Pilgrim at the Brewery, not knowing anything about it i was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it, it will look amazing on bluray methinks.

I’m venturing to Manchester on Tuesday to see Of Montreal. It looks like it will be at a student spot but i think i still got the moves to pass for 18…… honest. So it will be quite the adventure for me since i don’t leave Kendal well ever.

Gaming wise Halo Reach came out and i got my brand new xbox for a whopping 6 quid because of the amount of shite games and 2 refurb consoles i traded in. If you have the old ones i recommend the new ones; cooler, use less power and nearly silent. It is actually quieter than my pc which is very hard to top.

Also the game that got me into Xbox in the firstplace, Dead Rising had it’s sequel come out. I completed it over the weekend and it is just brilliant, story wise not as good as the first but as a game far better.

This leads me to welcoming potentially 500,000 more people to the site although highly doubtful. I was going for 1000 zombie kills barehanded and got myself a new outfit for doing it. I follow Simon Pegg on twitter and thought he might like it so told him about it. Celebs don’t tend to talk to us working class scum but good old simon replied:

@simonpegg just so you know there is a shaun of the dead outfit in dead rising 2 if you kill 1000 zombies barehanded.. it has red on it.

@Booshambles No shit?! That’s very cool.

@simonpegg http://www.booshambles.co.uk/scrapview.php?id=19 a picture of the outfit, just for you…

Simon Pegg:
I gotta get me Dead Rising 2 ASAP!! RT @Booshambles: http://bit.ly/a32sVW a picture of the outfit, just for you…

He only went and retweeted to his 500k+ followers a link to the bloody scrapbook! I got a whopping 8 random followers because of it. So who knows, people might actually be reading this now and looking at the cock drawings and everything. Exciting times.

Today i went and got myself 18 bottles of Henry Westons for £18 quid a saving of £18! and they are the 1880 edition. Things are definitely looking up… now where did i put Labia: Warrior Princess?

No one reads this anyway

So true Gordon

So true Gordon

Meant to keep this more up to date, i have added the odd picture to tumblr or the scrapbook but nothing too fancy.

Nothing really happened in February that i can remember only that Film Night is back on and Chris got his Website backup again. Which mentions the film night starting.

So far we have watched in order:

La Confidential (Chris)
Battlestar Galactica Mini Series (Me)
Alien (Carl)
Napoleon Dynamite (Chris)
Insomnia (Me)
Goodfellas (Carl)
Last Action Hero (Chris)

Since the Battlestar Mini series showing which i bought on Bluray. It’s amazing. Anyway since watching that we watch an episode every week. I have the choice next time to either let us watch 3 episodes in a row or choose a film, think i will go with the episodes.

Then in March Chris got married, and i was the best man. What a weekend that was, very hectic and lots of ring checking. I had to do a speech in front of 60 people and it was just exhausting by Sunday. Really enjoyed the whole experience though and got some good pictures which i will try to put together.

I also bought Super Mario Kart for the Snes on the Wii and got another classic controller in case anyone wants to have a race with me? I also bought the entire series of 3rd Rock from the Sun for a whopping £12 all 22 discs of it. 2 quid a season or 9p an episode.

Finally i did my Emperor impression for Sam Leader, he loves it and wanted an Mp3 of it so i dusted off the microphone and said GOOOOOD.


Bye for now

…it’s gonna be a long long time..

Fat Damon

Fat Damon

Updates coming in thick and fast now people. Birthdays, touching up, drums, irony, forums and batman. Finally getting this site fully up to date.

So let’s see i was going to do this update on Thursday, then Friday, then last night and now it’s Sunday night. On Saturday night (when this update was supposed to happen) I ended up getting the Booshambles Forum back up and Bot-porn free. This afternoon fixed all the missing graphics, need to change a couple of things still but it’s usable at least. Sign up now and give it a go!

I have also sorted out of a few dead links on the home page and a few trailers that youtube took down have been restored.

In my last update i said how i was going to buy the Call of Duty 250gb Xbox and i quote:

“Only getting it because the 2 xbox’s i have are chugging away on their last legs”

Well exactly 3 years and 2 weeks after the xbox i was going to keep was made, it died. So off to Frankfurt, Germany it went to be repaired. Hopefully i get another refurb, will just have to wait 3 weeks or so.

Troy finally turned 18, and i say finally because he has been counting down for about half a year now. Next week i will add a select few pictures to the scrapbook, the full set is on facebook if you know me. It was a very good night, i ended up talking to Paddy most of the night but i bumped into “Silky Dave” as we used to call him. Dave Aspinall was our Key Skills teacher at Kendal College 10 years ago this year and i haven’t really seen him since. He is a genuinely nice bloke and talked to him for a while.

From one of my youngest friends to now one of my oldest… Chris is turning a whopping 28 this week. I have most of his presents ready to give him. This bad film present idea should never have been started but i know for a fact he won’t have any of these beauties. At least i hope so because if he doesn’t they have to go on my DVD shelf. Postal strikes might hold off the others arriving we will have to see.

It has been a VISA melting time xbox wise, i bought a Rockband drumkit for £16.99, a microphone stand for £16.99 and Halo 3: ODST for £29.85. Thanks to the postal strike it has been “lost in the post” which means some fat posty down south has either sold it in the pub or he is playing it on his strike/week off. I have to wait until next Wednesday before i can get another one sent out to me. In the meantime i am borrowing Batman: Arkham Asylum; a superb game which goes to show you can make a good comic book game if you put the effort in.

I am going to work on the site some more as i have a few things that still need to go up including the long overdue redoing of the friends section. (I have more friends now you see).

I will hopefully be going to see Niteflights On the 23rd at The Yorkshire House in Lancaster. Not seen Sam in over a year so will be good to catch up. Go to his bands MySpace page and listen to the new song Chopin vs Montague, it’s super smoothly hot.

I will leave you with this awesome song from Of Montreal, the lyrics are just amazing.

I’m in a crisis
I need help
Come on mood shift, shift back to good again
Come on mood shift, shift back to good again
Come on, be a friend

Nina Twin is trying to help, and I
Really hope that she succeeds
Though I picked the thorny path myself
I’m afraid, afraid of where it leads

Chemicals, don’t strangle my pen
Chemicals, don’t make me sick again
I’m always so dubious of your intent
Like I can’t afford to replace what you’ve spent

Nina Twin is trying to help, and I
Really hope she gets me straight
Because my own inner cosmology
Has become too dense to navigate

I’m in a crisis
I need help
Come on mood shift, shift back to good again
Come on mood shift, shift back to good again
Come on, be a friend
Come on, be a friend

Chemicals, don’t flatten my mind
Chemicals, don’t mess me up this time
Know you bait me way more than you should
And it’s just like you to hurt me when I’m feeling good

Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals
Come on chemicals

Hey big spender!

Covered in wine Jack had no choice but to run from the cops.

Covered in wine Jack had no choice but to run from the cops.

Two Sundays in a row where i feel a bit ropey. Is it age or Strongbow. Apologies, expensive months to come and too much good stuff coming up. What is a boy to do?

First off I need to post an apology… for my harsh comments in last months post.

Sam said “if I go anywhere it will be Toast” he never turned up… git.

I later found out he was on the other side of the dance floor and we never saw him. Now he has gone to London and will probably never see him again. I will put this in my regrets folder. It’s an imaginary thing don’t worry, I don’t have room for a real one GAHYUCK LOLZA!

Enough with that crap and onto the actual update. I am now 25, nose hair, a receding hairline and death await. On the bright side i will never get id’d again. Also I like being older it’s good I don’t know why. Didn’t do anything really on the actual day as no one had any money so we had a nice Chinese Meal and played some pool. I won a drunk bet of something like £24.98 wining a game of pool for money was really hard, too much pressure.

Presents included some questionable wrapping paper, a pack of cards, a game I refused to play, 2100 Microsoft Points and some money. It was a good birthday and started off my holiday nicely.

Didn’t really do too much on my hols as I was working through some of it doing website work. However I went bowling and saw a surprisingly good comedy called “Step Brothers”. Went to the torchlight rented some great films, played some great games and generally had a good time.

All my brick stuff arrived and now has its own scrapbook section. The German poster is great I could get an unfolded one for £30 quid but the £1.50 version is good enough. Also i went on the Directors forum and showed off the collection and Rian (The Director of Brick) replied.

“Wow, nice stuff – and I’ve only seen about half of it. Wink.” – Rian Johnson

Is he taking the piss? I don’t know at any rate it’s nice to go on there and get a response. He actually answers questions about the film it’s good stuff.

The rest of the year is looking to be awesome entertainment wise, with new seasons of TV shows and a shed load of games coming out i can’t wait.

I have pre-ordered far too much and it will all be coming out at the end of October and early November. I also have to spend a couple of hundred quid on fillings on the 31st of October too, and i have my tax return to do. I need to try get some more website work together if i want to have some money to pay bills.

I pre ordered the following:

Fable 2 (24th October)
Fallout 3 (31st October)
Gears of War 2 (7th November)
Left 4 Dead (21st November)

Typing that out i just realised that i will be getting a new game every week for 3 weeks, argh!!!!

I got £5 off vouchers for them all and hopefully 11% quidco on each one so i have saved about £30 so one of those games is only really costing me £5. They are all huge games too so i doubt they would drop in price for a while anyway.

I also bought 2 more seasons of Frasier for 13.99 each, only 10 and 11 to get. There is a 1-11 boxset coming out before xmas but i got these all fairly cheap. I also got Stalker: Clear Sky, it’s the only game that i wanted to be delayed because what they released was unplayable, and in certain situations still is. It’s an excellent game though and recommend it to anyone, just wait until it has a few more patches under its belt before you get it.

I also got Castle Crashers, another bug ridden but excellent game. I am going through it again and trying to get all my stuff back intime for the patch. Playing any form of multiplayer wipes your stuff.

Well that is about it. Dexter and Heroes both start this month so i will be gutted waiting every week for the next episode. 24 TV Movie in November too.

It is all so exciting…

Until next time. BYE

(I would just like to let you know it took nearly 3 hours to do this little update because the entire news page needed redesigning just so i could put that scrapbook picture in the post. Just bad coding as usual)


I have been busy, like a whirlpool

This might not be the best time but did you know it's my Birthday today.

This might not be the best time but did you know it’s my Birthday today.

“Anyway i will update before, during and after then no doubt”

They were my last words…

Unless Doc Brown rings me up and starts shouting MARRRTY down the phone i will just have to do an after birthday update.

Well Bioshock arrived and i have to say it was a brilliant game. I think it has scored a little too high as a good percentage of reviews have never played system shock 2, if they had it would lose a little on the originality side of reviews. I also bought the Chat Pad for the 360, not only to get a 3rd headset but so i can actually type things on the 360 faster than light. Pictures are in the gaming scrapbook.

Ian Holm is 76 today hence the caption, but it links me on to mine back at the end of August. It was very fun and weird, we went to watch the Bourne Ultimatum (The 3rd one) and we were the only 4 in the cinema, so we got a private showing. Then we were the only ones in the restaurant and then the only ones in the pub it was rather bizarre.

Oh and you know when i said i was learning that word association poem, well i ended up giving a rendition of sorts on the night. I was a little tipsy and chris filmed it all so i need to get that off him at some point.

I have also been getting addicted to facebook, mainly for the scrabble. Will have to get some pictures scanned in and maybe try to lure people from facebook to here. This is still the number one spot for all things Booshambles.

I am updating today because last week i pulled a muscle in my foot, so standing on it is a bit dodgy and as the day goes on i end up hobbling around like a moron. Anyway just as i thought it was healed i ended up pulling it again so i’m off “sick” to try get it fully healed this time around. It is really weird being off for something like this but i know if i keep walking on it and working on it then i will never get it sorted. Hopefully by Saturday i can get back to work as the swine’s don’t pay sick pay unless your missing something like a leg.

Soon the TV will pick up again and Family Guy and Heroes will be back on the air, sadly no LOST which won’t be starting till January the buggers. In the meantime i ended up watching Skins again, can’t wait for the second series of that i really enjoyed it. Also watched season 6 of Frasier which i got and a little of spongebob, all good. Also i managed to avoid the 4400 and rack up the entire season so i could watch it in chunks, i like where its going and its a rare show which is actually completely different to how it started. Just waiting for next weeks finale now.

That is about it really or all i can remember at least so i will update when i remember something or when something happens.

Bye Bye

Legend Birthday

Set Course for Pension

Set Course for Pension

Happy Birthday to Harrison Ford who is 64 today and Patrick Stewart who is 66 today. My two favourite actors both born on the same day, who’da thunk it. I was going to do a film review for each of them but time hath stuck me down.

Enough of the crappy speaking and on with the update, i have added one more random heading. That’s it. Nothing Else. It’s a piss poor update but i will make sure the next one has some content, it was mainly just an update for the birthday bit and a little bit of a layout change.

The name’s Re-Release, Annoying Re-Release. The first 20 James Bond Films are being Re-Released as Ultimate Editions, wait till the price drops if you can its all over priced and hyped up for the new film out this year. They haven’t just made the picture quality and sound better, more special features, deleted scenes and audio commentaries from the cast make them worth buying i want Goldeneye: Ultimate Edition myself as this is my favourite bond movie and has is the uncut version. They all get released on the 17th of July at 12.99 each or if you plan to buy all of them you can get them for 10.49 each by buying the suitcase boxset.

Remember Settlers II, well it was 1996 and if you don’t know your maths that’s 10 years ago and in a rare move for a games company Blue Byte are remaking it. Settlers II: The Next Generation (Seriously its called that) is the same game we all know and love but in 3D, High Res and you can play on the Internet. The original 1996 version was limited to split screen with 2 mice on the computer, most of the time this would crash the game as we both ended up moving the same pointer. The 90 minute long demo gives you a taste of the game, just as you get into it the demo ends and you want more which is a good thing i suppose. I would like a time free game and will have to wait until the end of September before that happens, although i have decided to start playing the original if only i can find a good spot to put my Fishery.


Wrinkly Old Whip

Big Happy Birthday to Harrison Ford who turned 63 on 13th of July, he is my favourite American Actor and I would get you a pressie Harry but you won’t read this so I think I can get away with it. Although I made the above image so its the thought that counts. Also it was Patrick Stewart’s 65th Birthday on the same day as Harry Ford. I would have done a piccy Patrick but I tell you what I will buy Star Trek: First Contact SE when its down to £6.99.

On such a kick ass occasion I thought i would update the website and add several things. The “My News” section has been replaced with “Site News” so go to that to see all the changes i have made today. This means I will be putting what’s been going on in my life on here now instead, so it should get updated a bit more. So I will start off by telling you that Frasier Season 1, 2 and 3 are all mine! and £14.99 each I just had to buy them. That’s a Booshambles price buster of 62p per episode! I have also ordered the Joint Ops expansion pack to expand our multiplayer shesheseseseses.