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Happy Birthday Booshambles

Well Dr. Freeman I look hot in HDR don't you agree?

Well Dr. Freeman I look hot in HDR don’t you agree?

Gaming wise Halflife Episode 1 has been released and i completed it in about 5 hours, disappointing but you have to remember when all 3 episodes are released it will be a large game. Commercially though we will be paying a total of roughly £45 for a game where as Halflife 2 which will probably be longer than all 3 episodes and only cost £29.99. It’s a good standalone game on its own though, and when played with the other 2 episodes will be even better.

Booshambles Archive

This is everything worth saving from the original Booshambles website including images and audio, most of the text content is lost forever but the images were saved. It also marks the date Booshambles was created, the first image made was “news.gif” on 15/05/2005.

That can be the birthday of the site from now on.

I had a skype phone number at one point, it was 0121 288 1229 it came with an answering machine. Random people who i do not know recorded these messages. There were more i remember a guy left 2 about meeting up for lunch with someone but sadly those weren’t recorded.

Mark on the student radio.

The whole RAM Air radio show with Mark and Pete with all the music edited out.

There might be more things i find in my backups but really all that is lost are the very first 2 or 3 updates.