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The crazy week that was

Not even Tuvok could make sense of last week

Not even Tuvok could make sense of last week

It was as strange week last week involving doula’s, washing machines, 3a.m Zombies, Bruce Willis and bank fraud…

First off technically Bruce Willis was on the Sunday when i went to see the surprisingly good and probably much better as an 18 rated DVD Die Hard 4.0. However some people class Sunday as the first day of the week so i will accommodate them this time round.

So on Monday the washing machine arrived only to find the power cable wouldn’t reach so we had to mess around finding an extension cable. I then got 2 website jobs on the same day. My old cruise site and a Doula site. I had to get that done in a week and it all got rather hectic.

When ordering the washing machine the woman on the phone didn’t ask if we wanted it fitting. i assumed it was all included until it hit me about 10 minutes later that it wasn’t so i rang back and had to reorder the same machine with fitting. Argos within 10 minutes had managed to do what no other company has done and take money out of my account in under 10 minutes. So instead of refunding me the amount in 10 minutes they kept it a whole day and charged me for a second machine.

This brought me into the red or black or whatever it means not to have enough money in the account, so Halifax took it upon them selves to steal £88 for their own mistake. I will let you know tomorrow how my argument with the bank goes tomorrow.

On Thursday i went round to Chris’s to watch more of the west wing. I ended up staying until 3a.m playing Dead Rising. I was then up 6 hours later to finish the Doula Site. I read some more of “Mysterious Skin” which is getting very good and i am over half way through. Then i was at work Saturday and spent all day round at Chris’s on Sunday, then all day at work Monday and now i have an hour or so until work today where i won’t finish till 11pm.

I also have a medical today so i am drinking a lot in preparation for the piss in a cup test. So there is a chance i will be reporting diabetes to you all tomorrow.

Will work on the website tomorrow night i think so expect things to fly around and not work for a while, don’t forget sign up to the forums and email me or whatever. no one reads this anyway.

i need a piss