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Terminator Salvation

John Cunner

John Cunner


It’s all James Cameron’s fault you know, if he kept hold of his films there wouldn’t be dodgy sequels. Alien 3, Terminator 3 and Titanic 2 could all have been so much better, ok so Titanic 2 was awesome so that doesn’t count.

Terminator Salvation is set in the future during the war between man and machine. John Conner is trying to find Kyle Reese to send back in time and set off the events of the first film. It’s all very time paradoxy and you really do need to watch the first 3 films to have a basic understanding of what is going on.

I do like to see the budget for films now, ever since Wolverine it has intrigued me. This $200m has gone a long way with good special effects and what appeared to be that fancy bluescreen technology they used on that sky captain film. Some impressive shots at the start set it up to be something great but for the most part direction is quite stale.

Now acting is a mixed bag. Christian Bale is a good actor but in this it felt very batmanny. Stupidly gruff voice and he still has that lumpy mole thing going on, get it burnt off for gods sake. What amused me more was the recent news of his breakdown on set when someone distracted him during an “intense scene” as it was described. After watching the film i can’t imagine what scene was so intense that he would flip. Most of the movie John Conner is just shouting down radio’s and being pissy with everyone, maybe that’s the point.

Everyone else does a decent job and towards the end a certain someone makes an appearance which was unexpected and very very well done. Infact that saved the movie for me as the next one should be so much better.

Overall it’s a good movie, its better than Terminator 3 but nothing really happens in it. Action and a thin plot which doesn’t really have a payoff doesn’t help. Christian Bale saying “I’ll be back” was just cringe worthy. It has made me want to see more though and hasn’t put me off seeing it again, it might even benefit from repeat viewing. Go see it for the best cameo in the last 10 years.