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Funkin Hell I met Lister

Looks like Isaac could do with a paracetemol and a fry up

Looks like Isaac could do with a paracetemol and a fry up

Went to Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show last night at The Brewery. First new site Journal Update! Craig Charles, funk and squiff.

Since the whole ‘Volcano Gate’ I haven’t seen Ian who had been stuck in Spain for 3 weeks. We ended up going out to see Craig Charles of Red Dwarf fame, or Robot Wars for younger readers, or Corrie for middle aged readers. He was presenting a Funk and Soul show which is basically a warm up to Kendal Calling.

I’m a big fan of funk and it was great to see a more hip hoppy funk band before Craig’s set.

They were called The Mouse Outfit. Had a New Testament of Funk/RJD2 feel to it.

The band were excellent and really got the crowd going, it’s a shame they weren’t on longer. Then at about 9 Craig Charles came on stage and started his set. It looked a bit like he was just playing pre mixed stuff with the odd scratch or woooop sound thrown in there by himself.

It was a really good selection of music and he really really enjoyed it, jumpin around waving his arms and getting people to join in. Then it all went a bit weird when people got on stage and the bouncer who was about 6’4 looked about 22 but was built like a house made of beef had to get everyone off the stage.

Once the band from before cleared their stuff Craig got everyone to come back up again

and every so often shook a few hands and gave a few high fives. It was amusing though seeing people try to get him to sign their tickets and he wasn’t on for it. Maybe he did them after the show but we left once we got hand shakes our mission complete. There was also his manager or some guy (look at the pictures to see what i mean) he was weird and kept hanging around in the background.

Also the whole event including Kendal Calling is organised by Squiff (Andrew Smith) who we went to college with back in 2002, was good to see him again after probably 5 years.

Very hard to get any pictures, hopefully Laura did better than me as Craig wouldn’t stop moving and the lighting was always changing.

That’s all for now. Updating on a mild hangover isn’t fun.