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Still got lots to do

Niteflights showing off their fat instruments

Niteflights showing off their fat instruments

Spent about 10 hours this week sorting this update out. Friends, Forums, Xbox Shenanigans, Poker, Potentially Danny Boyle, Dolls, Niteflights and Halloween. Busy times indeed.

I would have done this update a week ago but i ended up starting work on the Friends Page It is still needs finishing but the layout is there at least, plus Troy is added so that will shut him up.

Another thing that got in the way of this update is the Booshambles Forum. I spent a good 8 hours this week tweaking it, fixing bugs and adding features to it. Sign up to it now! Really want to get it going as a place to organise Xbox 360 nights in advance as well as posting bit of news and stuff. Need to find away of integrating posts or content in to the rest of the website but there is no rush.

So the ongoing saga of my xbox is finally over, i got it back a few days after the last update but the graphics were messed up, so after some persuasion i got them to send out another one. This one is working at least and isn’t too old so should be good now. Just waiting for the Modern Warefare 2 one to come out so i can have my old setup again.

I went to Rob’s house to play poker, last time i played actual poker was about 4 years earlier in Lancaster. This time it was for money a nice little pot of £30 quid. Rob and Jonty bought back in so the pot went to a lofty £40. Me and Troy were the last 2 standing and he eventually beat me so i got the second place £15. Really enjoyed it and winning something was a bonus hope to do it again sometime.

So on the 23rd me and Carl went to the “Blue Peter Badge Winner’s Get in Free” night at The Yorkshire House in Lancaster. I only went to see Niteflights because i used to work with the lead singer Sam at Lakeland. It was a great night and the open mic element at the start was mostly good except for some poor standup and this:

I thought i was dreaming it was just bizarre. A woman dressed up as a doll. Other than that it was a great night. Niteflights were superb, they all play several instruments and each song they moved round like musical chairs it was very cool.

To end the night we were driving out of the car park and saw a rolls royce with “BAF7A” plate. The security chap thought it was “The slumdog millionaire guy” unless Dev Patel is driving around in that i think he was referring to Danny Boyle. Danny let us know.

Last night was Halloween and went round to Chris’s for some Trick or Treat action, it basically involved eating pizza and watching The Departed, wasn’t a scary movie but a bloody good one. Good times.

Well until i press “add new entry” i won’t know how big this update actually is. One odd thing to pad this update out though is that everyday this week (3 days) i have been at work at the same spot someone has driven past me and asked me for directions. Just thought i would say that cos it’s odd.

Sign up to the forum go go go.. i will leave you with RJD2 and the Work It Out Video, so good.

I just wasn’t in the mood okay?

I just blue myself

I just blue myself

It’s nearly midnight, i am listening to the new Muse song “Uprising” and thought i would finally get round to updating. If i don’t update now i never will… probably.

Well you can sort of thank Chris for this update. I was just about to go slap a film on (hadn’t decided what) and i thought i would have a look at some old bookmarks. I checked out Two Headed Boy which is his site. Then i saw the “Site History” link at the bottom, clicked it and was looking through his many designs going back to 2003. It’s full of hidden gems like “I’m 21 years old and go to college nearby”. Nostalgia reminded me of Booshambles, something i haven’t updated in a long time, a long time.

There is so much to write about cos i am all busy and shit all the time yeah!. Actually let me just look what i wrote about last time…

Holy shit i have been looking at Eminem practically rimming Bruno for over 2 months and when i actually read the update its just to say i went out to the pub. At the very least this update will push that one down.

Let me try think back to June, well i had that Danny Boyle fest and finally saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was good but not as amazing as has been made out, definitely worth watching, i don’t know if i would buy it though. Then i had a David Fincher Fest and bought Seven and The Game on dvd for £2.99 each. I also got Phone Booth for £2.99 as well, just because i really like it, short and sweet. I also managed to get my hands on the Mysterious Skin Soundtrack for £3 on ebay it’s one of my favourite soundtracks. While searching for a youtube sample i found a guy who has done one of the tracks from it on piano. Just awesome…

To round June off i went on a night out with Ian and well you can see the pictures. I had work in the morning and i felt rubbish the whole day afterwards but it was still a good night out.

So July and I bought a couple more Blu-rays; Children of Men (which i will be watching in about 12 hours round at Chris’s), Quick and the Dead (still on pre-order) and Watchmen: Directors Cut.

Watchmen is just stunning and it is well worth importing it just to get the darker, more flushed out Directors Cut. CGI HD bollocks never swung so good.

On the way to work i bumped in to Toby and had a night out with him, was good to catch up.

I finally got 2 weeks off and did bugger all. I was going to update Booshambles then but i just ended up playing on the xbox and going out to various pub quiz’s and nights out. Pushing Tom Brennand into a bush was probably one of the highlights. Infact on the last day of my hols i went to the pub quiz with Troy, James, Rob and Mat and had a great time. Troy made his nose bleed while trying to make himself sneeze and then we went to the Jam night again.

It’s about 1:15am now and the update has taken so long to do because i have been looking for things to link to in the update, getting distracted etc.

Going to be 26 in a couple of weeks so will update round then with pictures and the like. It will probably just be me and Chris sat in a Chinese restaurant wondering where everyone is.

I am to hot to think of a slug

Will the real slim shady please stand up?

Will the real slim shady please stand up?

Shameless promotions, Jackie Gleason, Dirty Harry, obsessions with Danny Boyle and jam. Thought i would update while my brain melts in this heat.

This probably won’t be a big update, it’s hot and i spent far too long making a facebook group for the site. That’s right Booshambles fans you can join the Facebook Group. I just set it up to see if anyone other than people i actually know visit the site. So if you are sat there reading this thinking “hey that’s me!” then join it.

Speaking of shameless promotions, we went to the Brewery Pub Quiz last night again promoting the website although the /robertjones doesn’t exist. We did quite well with 31 points considering there was no picture round.

Been buying a few DVD’s on the cheap, the Smokey and the Bandit trilogy for 4 quid, I have yet to see the 3rd movie and i just bought it for Jackie Gleason. One of my favourite comedy performances.

I also bought for 5 quid the Danny Boyle Collection; it contains 28 days later, The Beach and Sunshine. I had only seen bits of The Beach on TV, never seen sunshine and have 28 Days later on Blu-Ray but its nice to get them all in one place. I really enjoyed both movies and am going to have to grab some more of his work. Slumdog Millionaire arrived this morning from my rental list actually so might be watching that tomorrow night. Dirty Harry on Blu Ray is tonight’s rental treat.

After the pub quiz last week me and Troy ended up going to Jam night at dickie doodles. Sadly there was no pots of strawberry jam, not even a tabbard. It was all about getting up on stage and playing a song, either made up on the spot or covering one. I really liked the group who did Air’s “All i need”, then 2 blokes sang a song which i thought was a real song by Lou Reed which had lyrics like “Big old drum, big old drum, gather round the big old drum”. Either it was deja vu or it really does exist, someone email me if you find it.