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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Probably my favourite of the films because I used to love it as a child, my version was the ITV version with adverts and a lot of violence cut out. It wasnt until about 15 years later when i got the DVD that i saw the full version.

Favourite line has to be “To much to drink Dr. Jones?”

The Blu-ray is also the first time it has been released uncut in the UK, a lot more dark and violent with a bit more swearing too. This takes the rating from a PG to 12. It’s taken nearly 30 years to sorted!


Wrinkly Old Whip

Big Happy Birthday to Harrison Ford who turned 63 on 13th of July, he is my favourite American Actor and I would get you a pressie Harry but you won’t read this so I think I can get away with it. Although I made the above image so its the thought that counts. Also it was Patrick Stewart’s 65th Birthday on the same day as Harry Ford. I would have done a piccy Patrick but I tell you what I will buy Star Trek: First Contact SE when its down to £6.99.

On such a kick ass occasion I thought i would update the website and add several things. The “My News” section has been replaced with “Site News” so go to that to see all the changes i have made today. This means I will be putting what’s been going on in my life on here now instead, so it should get updated a bit more. So I will start off by telling you that Frasier Season 1, 2 and 3 are all mine! and £14.99 each I just had to buy them. That’s a Booshambles price buster of 62p per episode! I have also ordered the Joint Ops expansion pack to expand our multiplayer shesheseseseses.