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Terrorists have nerve gas but Sean can't help thinking about Frodo's ring

Terrorists have nerve gas but Sean can’t help thinking about Frodo’s ring

Hope you like the new 24 related homepage caption I basically chose 24 so i could say WOW what a half season cliffhanger. There seems to be no 24 inside this year which is a shame but they are still making small videos about this season so check them out. They have also made a 24 game and i would love to play it but they chose the shoddy PS2. This must have sold well in the US or something and it seems a strange choice, personally i would have chosen PC and Xbox360 as very soon the PS2 will be ebayed off in the thousands for the arrival of the PS3. I actually don’t know if it is out yet it probably already is but as the leet say…”meh”.

Last Friday had to be the strangest day, watching 3 or 4 inches of snow fall in a few hours and making my brain think it was Christmas again. Well on the Saturday I thought it never snows like this anymore so i went outside and made a snowman where i always used to and for the first time ever i used real coal for the buttons and eyes nose and mouth, i know i should have used a carrot but we didn’t have any so i say again “MEH!”.

I recently bought the new Lucas Arts game “Star Wars: Empire at War” It is basically Star Wars Command and Conquer but has both land and space battles across the entire galaxy, why just this morning to capture this screenshot i moved the deathstar above hoth and blew the shit out of Mon Mothma. To view the exact moment she realised she shouldn’t have joined the rebel scum click on the screen shot on the right.