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Blame the last update

Scully tries to help Mulder solve his missing porn conspiricy

Scully tries to help Mulder solve his missing porn conspiricy

Ok so it took longer than i thought, but there wasn’t even supposed to be an update last time so really, if you think about it, it’s not my fault. To make up for my mistakes this is a big assed update and the first one i haven’t done at home. Booshambles is on the road baby.

When i said on the road i meant i am actually round at Chris’s house with my good old Acer Aspire 1310 laptop. It’s an old laptop and was used to do websites in Lancaster when i used to go there most weeks with work. Now it just sits in it’s rucksack behind my door.

The reason i am updating from Chris’s house is mainly because if i didn’t update it today then i probably wouldn’t update it for another week and then it just gets silly.

So on with the update. Well lets start with work, we had our annual “Works Do” as it’s known and it was a Burns Night theme. All the courses had a Scottish flare to them, haggis, “neeps and tattys” and tartan round the chairs. We had to stand up and cheer the haggis in as some crazy scot waved a knife around while reciting poetry.

Games wise i have been doing a little more on Mass Effect, strangely it’s a game that has grown on me. Most of the games i have played i like them from the start but now that i am not really going for the achievements and i can play the game how i want it has become even more enjoyable. Also every play through unlocks a new difficulty level so the next play through will be tough but still fun.

I was forced to buy Call of Duty 4, a game i said i would never buy because if you know me, i play it on veteran which basically involves me doing the same section for 5 hours until by some fluke i get to a save point. However this game has good multiplayer, and because i only borrowed the last 2 Call of Duty games i am in no rush to complete it on the overly annoying veteran mode. So now i play that online with a few people, we are trying to set up a small clan on it actually so post in the forum if you are interested. I have setup a new section for it.

I can’t remember if i told you i bought this or not but i got Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars for the 360 around the same time as Mass Effect but i have now started playing it. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is great fun, especially online with the camera.

I have a confession to make, i never thought i would use ITunes, winamp is great and i have used it for years. However it was getting harder to sort my music out so now i have started to sort it all out using ITunes. I am not a fan off Apple and i even find ITunes does have its flaws but i had to give in and use it. I must admit though, podcasts are great and i can keep up with various radio shows i don’t normally have the time to listen to so its all good. If you are the creative sort check out “The Cinematic Underground” podcast its really interesting.

The writer’s strike is starting to piss me off now, fair enough i understand the need to get paid fairly but the longer it goes on the more chance they will be out of a job. If the shows get cancelled because of it then they have nothing to go back to. I am pissed because i want 24 back, anyway we are just about to watch the last 2 episodes of skins before it starts again on the 11th. Been watching Medium although that wasn’t on this week, i blame the writers strike but it might just be off this week, who knows any more. I also watched season 2 and 3 of Lost to catch up in time for season 4 which started this week. It’s good but this whole flash forward thing is confusing right now, has it happened yet or is it a possible future? Gah.

I have also got a working version of my DVD List in the about me section. I will add all my films to it when i get more of the admin side done. I have no way to edit at the moment so if i watch something i can’t watch it again.

Well i think that is all for now, i was hoping typing this paragraph might jog my memory and make me remember something, oh i have a new alarm clock i will take a picture of it sometime so check the scrapbook sometime this week coming or is this the start of the week now?

Well that is it i think so bye for now

Happy New Yeeerrr

I am one mean son of a biatch

I am one mean son of a biatch

This is only a small update as i am trying to get my dinner ready at the same time… better go put the pizza in.

right that’s that done went in at 12:26 so about 18 minutes should do it.

Anyway i won’t go into detail with what i got upto over Christmas or new year this update, in fact this is more of a site update than a journal post.

I get to move Mario down the page for one thing, was getting tired of seeing him. It was also a reminder that i haven’t touched the Wii since i last posted. You can blame that handsome chap at the top of the page for it.

Mass Effect has consumed my holiday i completed with about 45 hours of play time over the span of a week. That sounds really bad and in a way it is, but i played in the evening until 2am usually so i wasn’t on it all day. Sadly i was on it enough to have dreams about it nearly every night.

The best thing about it though is that you can play through the game again with the same character (Inferno Shepard) in my case. So this time through i have been punching reporters, getting escaped slaves to commit suicide and generally a pain in the ass to my entire crew. It’s like playing a whole new game.

12:32 now so better wrap this up and get to the point. I have taken down the xmas header and added a google search window just above the quicklinks. I use booshambles as a home page and always wanted to use google so now i can do both. Feel free to try it out, i might be able to add a youtube and imdb search to it with a bit of work.

I am going to update later in the week hopefully with those changes and a new feature. It will be a DVD database of what i have, like the old one but better. This time round though i will have a last watched bit which i will update every time i see a film. Eventually i should have quite a few of the films dated and i can see what i haven’t seen in ages. I haven’t really thought how i am going to do it tho but if i add a dvd cover for every film i add to the database then i can have a “last watched” thing on the homepage.

That is the plan anyway and in that update i will tell you about what has been going on since i last updated. its 12:38 now so i will go check on the pizza, eat it and get ready for work. It will probably be Friday when i update but expect the usual things not working and stuff on Thursday onwards. (Like that warning actually matters)