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Let the games begin.

It’s urgh me a Morio!

I have been so busy that another year has almost passed. Things might change now though because I have a decent sized tablet to do updates from. After over 2 years of daily use my Nexus 7 is going in to retirement, bring on the Nexus 9. I have read some bad reviews to do with build quality and light bleed, but mine seems fine. Its going to take some time to get used to but I really like the wider screen and the front facing speakers.

I have also increased my hours at work, 4 days a week makes the week surprising crowded as i do other things on my days off, i don’t have time to do the usual posts or playing games. I am now finally able to use my holidays so for the next few weeks i get 4 days off in a row, let the games begin!

GTA V on the Xbox One looks incredible and Elite: Dangerous is nearly out of beta. I also got the huge Halo Collection. I felt a bit disappointed with the Xbox One but it’s starting to get some decent games, a huge Mass Effect re-release is on the cards, probably a year away. A new Red Dead game would be amazing.