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Still got lots to do

Niteflights showing off their fat instruments

Niteflights showing off their fat instruments

Spent about 10 hours this week sorting this update out. Friends, Forums, Xbox Shenanigans, Poker, Potentially Danny Boyle, Dolls, Niteflights and Halloween. Busy times indeed.

I would have done this update a week ago but i ended up starting work on the Friends Page It is still needs finishing but the layout is there at least, plus Troy is added so that will shut him up.

Another thing that got in the way of this update is the Booshambles Forum. I spent a good 8 hours this week tweaking it, fixing bugs and adding features to it. Sign up to it now! Really want to get it going as a place to organise Xbox 360 nights in advance as well as posting bit of news and stuff. Need to find away of integrating posts or content in to the rest of the website but there is no rush.

So the ongoing saga of my xbox is finally over, i got it back a few days after the last update but the graphics were messed up, so after some persuasion i got them to send out another one. This one is working at least and isn’t too old so should be good now. Just waiting for the Modern Warefare 2 one to come out so i can have my old setup again.

I went to Rob’s house to play poker, last time i played actual poker was about 4 years earlier in Lancaster. This time it was for money a nice little pot of £30 quid. Rob and Jonty bought back in so the pot went to a lofty £40. Me and Troy were the last 2 standing and he eventually beat me so i got the second place £15. Really enjoyed it and winning something was a bonus hope to do it again sometime.

So on the 23rd me and Carl went to the “Blue Peter Badge Winner’s Get in Free” night at The Yorkshire House in Lancaster. I only went to see Niteflights because i used to work with the lead singer Sam at Lakeland. It was a great night and the open mic element at the start was mostly good except for some poor standup and this:

I thought i was dreaming it was just bizarre. A woman dressed up as a doll. Other than that it was a great night. Niteflights were superb, they all play several instruments and each song they moved round like musical chairs it was very cool.

To end the night we were driving out of the car park and saw a rolls royce with “BAF7A” plate. The security chap thought it was “The slumdog millionaire guy” unless Dev Patel is driving around in that i think he was referring to Danny Boyle. Danny let us know.

Last night was Halloween and went round to Chris’s for some Trick or Treat action, it basically involved eating pizza and watching The Departed, wasn’t a scary movie but a bloody good one. Good times.

Well until i press “add new entry” i won’t know how big this update actually is. One odd thing to pad this update out though is that everyday this week (3 days) i have been at work at the same spot someone has driven past me and asked me for directions. Just thought i would say that cos it’s odd.

Sign up to the forum go go go.. i will leave you with RJD2 and the Work It Out Video, so good.

Hunka Munka Chunka Update

The emperor loved to unleash his force

The emperor loved to unleash his force

Spending too much, getting too drunk, getting too old and bidding too often. That basically sums up this glorious update.

Finally, a busy month where things actually happened. It’s been a strange year so far, looking back it seems to have gone so fast for no real reason. Now with less than a week until i hit the big Twenty Five, i can’t help but feel older. I nearly had my first proper hang over last Saturday, whether it was down to the amount i drank or my body just getting old i don’t know. I mild headache and feeling a bit naff all day was about as bad it got. Ironically it was the Friday night which was supposed to be a quiet one so we would all be out on the Saturday (my first one off in 2 months). It ended up with none of us going out.

Anyway getting too drunk and eating chips at 1:30 in the morning aside it was a great friday night. We went to see Obviously Four Believers at The Yorkshire House which is in Lancashire… no it doesn’t make sense to me either. With a bit of tweaking to the scrapbook i made a section just for that night.

The music and atmosphere was great and we all had a really good time. We ended up in Toast afterwards and danced the night away like a bunch of uncool tits. Sam said “if i go anywhere it will be Toast” he never turned up… git.

To take my mind off ageing another year i like to buy things to drown out the cries of lost youth. A new XFX “XXX Edition” GX260 graphics card, Cheers Season 6 and Fraiser Season 8 sums it up really.

The DVDs were to carry on my collection and the graphics card is for the new S.T.A.L.K.E.R game (it’s not a game about stalking).

Also yesterday i bought a Logitech USB Microphone for the Wii, I wanted to use it for Rock Band on the Xbox 360 and it works fine. I am going through the Hard Vocal Tour as i type. “Wave of Mutilation by Pixies” is next.

Finally i have also been on ebay a bit, looking for more things to put on my Brick Wall I am still waiting for 2 things to arrive but got my scanner out and scanned in the new things so check that out.

Nothing much is coming up really, might do something for my birthday Chris planted the idea of a Chinese meal again so we might do that. I managed to get a couple of weeks off as well, i can use the time to sort of few things out and do the annual dreaded tax return.

I just got 64% on Hard on that song. I ROCK!!!!!


Where did December go?

Supppperrr MArrIooo Galaxxeeeeyyey

Supppperrr MArrIooo Galaxxeeeeyyey

Is it really this time of year already? Have i been picking Christmas Stuff for the last 6 months? and is it really that difficult to get a Wii?

I could try think up some Wii jokes but that would be wiitarded. See I couldn’t help myself that console seems to create some sort of moronic compulsion to make a joke up. Well that aside I managed to get hold of one and I never spent days on the internet or phoning up shops left, right and center. No for Andrew it was just a case of “oh look they are in stock I might as well get one”.

Finding all the other bits though was a bit of a problem, most online retailers were practically blackmailing customers to pay over the odds for everything from cables to games. It now lives in the front room and is more of a Mario Console than anything else. It’s fun and will be great over my Christmas Hols.

That starts 3 days from now after I do my last night of the year on Saturday. 2 weeks of just no work will be nice.

I had myself a bit of a trip down memory lane too when I found my old mp3 player, when I mean old it was a CD player that could play mp3’s. Inside to my amazement was my college CD so I found some AA’s and gave it a listen. Strange how you forget some music and how my tastes have changed. U2 with Elevation was on there and I hate U2. In true Neil Buchanon style I will say “Try it yourself, find an old CD or something that you haven’t heard in years and give it a listen”

Speaking of music I have been working with a rock star Booshambles fans, oh yes. Not recording some hit tunes on a canvas of post modern funk, Thatcherite Communism or anything but just at Lakeland.

Basically I met him when he started temp work at Lakeland and found out he was in a band. I just assumed it was some sort of covers of McFly and Busted or whatever is on the wireless these days. Turns out they write and perform their own stuff, from what I have heard it’s a cross between The Velvet Underground and Of Montreal. My favourite one has to be “Hollow Eyed and High”

What else oh I added that Xmas header. I had planned to decorate the whole site but by the time i get round to it I will be taking it down so that will do.

Good news for Shameless fans, it’s back for series 5 on New Years Day, i can’t wait. I am guessing that when that has finished about 10 weeks later Skins will start (Fingers Crossed) SCATTTA!!!!