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Too… many… games…

Please don't... FALLOUT with me...

Please don’t… FALLOUT with me…

It has taken this long to get round to updating because every week i got a new game. Graffiti, Martin Sheen and mild tweaking. It’s all here in this update.

I haven’t done a proper update in a while, but a week or so after the last journal i updated the homepage. Added some new quicklinks and removed the out of date ones and because of a crazy night out i updated the scrapbook with a new gallery.

The crazy night in question began when i got home from work to find a note on the table saying Toby had called. I see Toby probably once a year at the most, he lives in Leeds now and only catch him if he comes up for Christmas. Well he was up for the weekend and so i went out to meet him. The night was coming to a close at about 12 and i was just leaving Dickie Doodles when i bumped into Louise. She called me Mr. Booshambles wouldn’t you know.

So Toby went home and i went inside the pub to get a drink. This is basically what i was greeted with.

The entire pub had been covered in paper and drawn all over. I was going to tell that little story when it happened but then all those games i pre-ordered started coming out. 3 weeks in a row i got a new game on the Thursday. This week just gone was the week off from game overload. The problem is between now and the last update. Rock Band 2 was announced it would be out on the 21st, the same day as Left 4 Dead. So this Thursday i will be getting 2 more games……holy poop.

To round it all off there was an offer on HMV for the West Wing Complete Series for £49.99 i didn’t want to risk missing out so i snapped it up. This week also sees the New Xbox 360 dashboard which allows you to install games. I have always had problems with disc read errors especially on my favourite game Dead Rising. So i decided to buy a 120gb hdd for the 360. The idea behind spending all this money now is that i wont be spending any more for probably the rest of my life. I’m investing in staying in my house forever.

Now i just need to finish my xmas shopping.