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Hey big spender!

Covered in wine Jack had no choice but to run from the cops.

Covered in wine Jack had no choice but to run from the cops.

Two Sundays in a row where i feel a bit ropey. Is it age or Strongbow. Apologies, expensive months to come and too much good stuff coming up. What is a boy to do?

First off I need to post an apology… for my harsh comments in last months post.

Sam said “if I go anywhere it will be Toast” he never turned up… git.

I later found out he was on the other side of the dance floor and we never saw him. Now he has gone to London and will probably never see him again. I will put this in my regrets folder. It’s an imaginary thing don’t worry, I don’t have room for a real one GAHYUCK LOLZA!

Enough with that crap and onto the actual update. I am now 25, nose hair, a receding hairline and death await. On the bright side i will never get id’d again. Also I like being older it’s good I don’t know why. Didn’t do anything really on the actual day as no one had any money so we had a nice Chinese Meal and played some pool. I won a drunk bet of something like £24.98 wining a game of pool for money was really hard, too much pressure.

Presents included some questionable wrapping paper, a pack of cards, a game I refused to play, 2100 Microsoft Points and some money. It was a good birthday and started off my holiday nicely.

Didn’t really do too much on my hols as I was working through some of it doing website work. However I went bowling and saw a surprisingly good comedy called “Step Brothers”. Went to the torchlight rented some great films, played some great games and generally had a good time.

All my brick stuff arrived and now has its own scrapbook section. The German poster is great I could get an unfolded one for £30 quid but the £1.50 version is good enough. Also i went on the Directors forum and showed off the collection and Rian (The Director of Brick) replied.

“Wow, nice stuff – and I’ve only seen about half of it. Wink.” – Rian Johnson

Is he taking the piss? I don’t know at any rate it’s nice to go on there and get a response. He actually answers questions about the film it’s good stuff.

The rest of the year is looking to be awesome entertainment wise, with new seasons of TV shows and a shed load of games coming out i can’t wait.

I have pre-ordered far too much and it will all be coming out at the end of October and early November. I also have to spend a couple of hundred quid on fillings on the 31st of October too, and i have my tax return to do. I need to try get some more website work together if i want to have some money to pay bills.

I pre ordered the following:

Fable 2 (24th October)
Fallout 3 (31st October)
Gears of War 2 (7th November)
Left 4 Dead (21st November)

Typing that out i just realised that i will be getting a new game every week for 3 weeks, argh!!!!

I got £5 off vouchers for them all and hopefully 11% quidco on each one so i have saved about £30 so one of those games is only really costing me £5. They are all huge games too so i doubt they would drop in price for a while anyway.

I also bought 2 more seasons of Frasier for 13.99 each, only 10 and 11 to get. There is a 1-11 boxset coming out before xmas but i got these all fairly cheap. I also got Stalker: Clear Sky, it’s the only game that i wanted to be delayed because what they released was unplayable, and in certain situations still is. It’s an excellent game though and recommend it to anyone, just wait until it has a few more patches under its belt before you get it.

I also got Castle Crashers, another bug ridden but excellent game. I am going through it again and trying to get all my stuff back intime for the patch. Playing any form of multiplayer wipes your stuff.

Well that is about it. Dexter and Heroes both start this month so i will be gutted waiting every week for the next episode. 24 TV Movie in November too.

It is all so exciting…

Until next time. BYE

(I would just like to let you know it took nearly 3 hours to do this little update because the entire news page needed redesigning just so i could put that scrapbook picture in the post. Just bad coding as usual)