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Chugga Fugger Mother Slugger

Only Jack could flank a Tractor

Only Jack could flank a Tractor

It’s Sunday, i am bored it can only mean an update. Christmas shopping, 1080p, Zombies, Fat Russell Crowe and William Shatner. There seems to be something for everyone in this update.

So where did November go? Who knows this has to be the shortest feeling year i have ever had. Already done my Christmas Shopping and this week i have the task of wrapping it all, writing all the cards and getting them to people. We are the real Santa, i think he just pops in to steal the mince pies, cheap bastard.

Lots of games have dropped in my lap as you have read before the final one (Left4Dead) arrived a few weeks ago now. I loved it, i am gonna do a mini rant on these big assed games in a bit, i love zombie games and this is no exception.

Nothing too exciting has been going on recently, we got snow which turned to ice which turned to more ice oddly. I actually didn’t go to work because i didn’t want to fall on my ass and break something, like my pride or my leg. I also had another day off because i got cramp in my toe, i have never had it before and i sounded completely stupid saying “i can’t walk” to my boss but that’s just how weird life has been recently.

Went to see Body of Lies, it was good if a little predictable. Not really Ridley Scott’s finest work but i really liked Russell Crowe in it, he made himself fat and old for the role and watching him fall off the chair made it worth watching. I should be going to see A Nightmare before Christmas on Tuesday, not seen it in years so it should be funtastic.

We all love William Shatner, while other 75 year olds retire or die, Mr Shatner is a lead in Boston Legal, makes amusing Youtube treats and now has his own chat show. Shatner’s Raw Nerve, if you can get to see it he is interviewing people like Tim Allen and Jon Voight, but not about promoting some crappy film, but he talks unscripted about their lives. I found the Tim Allen one very interesting give it a watch if you can.

I was going to add the xmas theme to the site but i couldn’t be bothered bah humbug mother fuggers.