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Coma for the Gentlemen?

It took 40 years but Patrick finally gave in to Ians advances

It took 40 years but Patrick finally gave in to Ians advances

Star Trek, Wolverine, Batman, Scrumpy and one too many. It’s just been another crazy couple of weeks.

I hope you are happy, 4 updates in 1 month and it’s only the 16th. I am trying to keep this going especially now I can drag readers in using Facebook and Twitter. I have moved the “Rant, Raves and Reviews” section which features on the right of the homepage to the main update section. I thought i would start doing more of those so why hide it away?

I also started work again on the DVD List which is just about complete. I need to make an edit page because there are a couple of mistakes so that can go on the to-do list along with the “About Me” section. Going to redo that and edit my page as a few things have changed.

As my many updates will tell you i went to see Wolverine and Star Trek. Star Trek was excellent and it seems to be making Star Trek cool again. It made me watch First Contact which i still think is a great movie. I have just put The Wrath of Khaaan on Blu-Ray on my rental list, so expect a review of that piece of gold whenever it turns up.

Speaking of rentals i got The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray too. The disc was scratched so i had to skip a couple of minutes here or there but in HD its awesome especially the Hospital Explosion Scene. I tried to take a screen shot of it but the shitty Blu-Ray software won’t let me.

I bought this too:

Yeah I don’t know why either. I thought it would be interesting to try as i am big fan of Mr Henry Weston. It says on the back “Once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days. There are just 3 issues i have with that statement:

1: It’s 2 litres.
2: What fridge can hold such a monster.
3: How the hell am i going to drink that in 5 days

I will tell you how my adventure with that goes in the next update.

This feels like a really long update but it isn’t. It’s been quite a good way to avoid this hangover i have, went out last night and ended up pouring a pint all over myself. That is when i knew i had enough. Although i think the sleeve of my coat caught it as i moved my arm back.

On that blatent lie i will end this fine update.

i am off to have a bacon sandwich and get ready for work. 4 hour shift today which i haven’t done in over a year so it should fly by.

Star Trek (2009)

Set phasers to hardon

Set phasers to hardon

I have probably seen every episode of TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise including all the films. The only thing i haven’t seen much of is the original series, it never really interested me that much. When i first heard a new Star Trek movie was going to be prequel to all the films i thought it would be awful, no one can replace Shatner. J.J. Abrams did a good job of making everyone forget John Woo’s god awful Mission Impossible II by reinventing it with Mission Impossible III. The same has been done again leaving behind the insulting Star Trek X and resetting the film count with just plain old “Star Trek”.

I mean, it's a fact, sure as day follows night, sure as eggs is eggs, sure as every odd-numbered Star Trek movie is shit.

I mean, it’s a fact, sure as day follows night, sure as eggs is eggs, sure as every odd-numbered Star Trek movie is shit.

I recently saw Wolverine, the films are totally different and i know a lot more about Trek than X-Men. Looking on IMDB both Star Trek and Wolverine have the same estimated budget of $150m. Wolverine was so poor in terms of special effects i can’t imagine where all the money went. Every shot in Star Trek has scope, detail and was just generally more realistic. Now seeing both films Wolverine is a piss poor effort for a film.

The story revolves around Kirk being born, growing up and becoming Captain of the Enterprise, picking up his famous crew along the way. Telling you any more than that would spoil it as it really is quite interesting how they all get together, especially Scotty.

Acting was good and i really liked Bones, the mad look in his eye, the accent and those quality racist lines. Probably the biggest surprise for me was Spock (Zachary Quinto). I thought i would be thinking about Sylar from Heroes all the way through it but you soon forget.

Special effects were awesome and you could tell it was being made by a fan of the show. Inside jokes, references and even a classic red shirt death which most of the audience laughed at when they realised it was coming.

The only couple of things i had an issue with is the ending which i cant talk about cos its spoiler ridden. The inside of the ship was a bit too Ikea for my liking, i prefer a darker Bridge something with a bit more character. Music wise it has a great theme which is built upon. Flavours of Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock thrown in for good measure.
Speaking of Wrath of Khan this film ties in really nicely to it you could throw away “Star Trek: The motion picture” and put this in its place and it would fit like a glove.

Overall a great movie which you really don’t need to be a fan of the show to like, it was pretty much none stop action and even has a few laughs in it.


Changes are a footish

Jack loves his new tag the police gave him.

Jack loves his new tag the police gave him.

Well folks it has been a long time again, i won’t even bother to promise to update more often. Who knows it might actually make me update more now i am not being pressured into producing results. It has been another busy month though. It’s not every month a Hollywood actor says Booshambles. You heard…

Well before all that i would like to say that the homepage has had a slight change, the news at the top is gone. The section hasn’t been deleted or anything but the place it had on the home page is hidden now because i just don’t have time to keep adding stuff.

I have about 5 minutes to type a big update so let’s go for it, this links nicely into my new keyboard which should hopefully help me update a bit quicker. I recently bought a Logitech Mx3200 to replace what was basically a prototype wireless keyboard and mouse. The set i had was incredibly old and the mouse guzzled batteries, the keys were clunky and it was falling to bits. Also the N key had faded why i don’t know.

So what has been going on? Well first it has been a busy month working on websites and in the trusty old warehouse so i haven’t been on much. The orange box came out so i ended up playing that on the week i was going to update, then last friday i was going to update but was pretty tired. So i chose 5 minutes before i have to leave the house to hopefully see Ghostbusters.

If Chris and Carl turn up now i will just add this to the site and carry on tomorrow morning. Remember when i said a Hollywood actor said Booshambles, well i wasn’t lying.

I hang out in Joeseph Gordon-Levitt’s forum, not in a creepy hanging things out of my pants way but in a recording events or making art kind of way. Anyway i did a picture for his brothers birthday and he gave thanks and said my username BOOSHAMBLES. I am more impressed he liked my work enough to show it, but the fact he said booshambles in his cool “whatever accent he has accent” was a bonus.

I also bought Star Trek Legacy on the Xbox 360 for a tenner. It’s not worth any more than that but it is surprisingly enjoyable.

I think they are here so more tomorrow (ooo the suspense)

150 Down, 26 to Go…

Ya damn right it's pimpin' Star Trek

Ya damn right it’s pimpin’ Star Trek

Well I am finally on to the last season of my Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Marathon, this basically involves me watching every episode in order from start to finish. Its taken nearly 3 months but I’m down to Season 7, through this amazing Sci-fi journey I found about 6 episodes I had never seen before. So somewhere along the way when I bought them I must have missed a disc.

In other news Tom who works with me at Lakeland Limited is leaving after 4 and a half years, he’s off round the world for 16-18 months…..bloody students with their loans…