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Simulating Boredom

Rise... my overrated apprentice

Rise… my overrated apprentice

I am bored so i thought i would update. I haven’t even thought if i have anything to report. Let’s find out together shall we, just what have i been upto since last week.

Well i am sat here bored out of my mind, because i am “playing” madden 06. It’s not mine and i want to get the stupid 400 point achievement. It takes about 4 hours and i am nearly done. So with nothing better to do i thought i would update.

I rented Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Xbox 360, another big disappointment from tald George Lucas. The story is good (obviously not written by him) but the gameplay becomes repetitive and unchallenging early on. You could probably complete it in about 5 hours on easy. The difficulty level just makes you die a lot more stretching game time out to 15 or so hours. I wouldn’t recommend it. So glad i didn’t spend 40 quid on it.

American Gangster arrived today in its place so if i can get through this game i will get it watched.

Oh yeah i had a cold last week. Which is odd for me as i usually get my yearly cold around xmas. A lot of people have had it at work though so hopefully that is it until next year.

I think i have just realised why i don’t update often. Nothing really happens.

I just got that 400 point achievement woo that was totally worth it.