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Thought i would knock one out.

How Skins should have ended.

How Skins should have ended.

Messing around with my camera and listening to lots of music, that’s about it. Snow, looking evil, of Montreal, drawing.

Just a short update really with a fair few pictures. With all this snow we had on Saturday I took a couple of pictures including a very arty one which was just next to the garage, i think the shadow was coming from the tree in next doors garden. Also since i am more beardy than i was i thought i would update my facebook picture. I quickly took this and put my hood up to see what it would look like. Scary stuff and so i thought i would keep it.

Also Troy spotted that of Montreal are touring in the UK again and it’s in Leeds so i can go visit and see the band, avoiding the hell hole city that is Manchester. In anticipation i went ahead and bought the album from polyvinyl records. The best thing about them as a record label is that they give you instant access to a nice 320kbps album download. So i don’t have to wait two weeks for it to turn up from the US before i can listen to it. It’s one of their stranger albums but it’s growing on me although i still think False Priest is better.

I also finally finished Ashes to Ashes and it’s a great tv show if you get the chance watch Life on Mars THEN Ashes to Ashes. Anyway Ashes is set in the 80’s and i have now been listening to the best of The Human League. Especially Mirror Man

It’s just so good.

I used to have a tablet, back in the day a tablet was something you plugged in to your computer and used for drawing. Mine had a serial connection because USB hadn’t been invented, it’s that old. Anyway i thought it would be fun to get another one and do some cartoons again and just generally mess around with it. So i will add some stuff i do to the site even if it is sheyet.

Well that is all for this update, i’m not doing too bad at updating but want to try get a few more rants and raves going on. So maybe something next week….