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Hunka Munka Chunka Update

The emperor loved to unleash his force

The emperor loved to unleash his force

Spending too much, getting too drunk, getting too old and bidding too often. That basically sums up this glorious update.

Finally, a busy month where things actually happened. It’s been a strange year so far, looking back it seems to have gone so fast for no real reason. Now with less than a week until i hit the big Twenty Five, i can’t help but feel older. I nearly had my first proper hang over last Saturday, whether it was down to the amount i drank or my body just getting old i don’t know. I mild headache and feeling a bit naff all day was about as bad it got. Ironically it was the Friday night which was supposed to be a quiet one so we would all be out on the Saturday (my first one off in 2 months). It ended up with none of us going out.

Anyway getting too drunk and eating chips at 1:30 in the morning aside it was a great friday night. We went to see Obviously Four Believers at The Yorkshire House which is in Lancashire… no it doesn’t make sense to me either. With a bit of tweaking to the scrapbook i made a section just for that night.

The music and atmosphere was great and we all had a really good time. We ended up in Toast afterwards and danced the night away like a bunch of uncool tits. Sam said “if i go anywhere it will be Toast” he never turned up… git.

To take my mind off ageing another year i like to buy things to drown out the cries of lost youth. A new XFX “XXX Edition” GX260 graphics card, Cheers Season 6 and Fraiser Season 8 sums it up really.

The DVDs were to carry on my collection and the graphics card is for the new S.T.A.L.K.E.R game (it’s not a game about stalking).

Also yesterday i bought a Logitech USB Microphone for the Wii, I wanted to use it for Rock Band on the Xbox 360 and it works fine. I am going through the Hard Vocal Tour as i type. “Wave of Mutilation by Pixies” is next.

Finally i have also been on ebay a bit, looking for more things to put on my Brick Wall I am still waiting for 2 things to arrive but got my scanner out and scanned in the new things so check that out.

Nothing much is coming up really, might do something for my birthday Chris planted the idea of a Chinese meal again so we might do that. I managed to get a couple of weeks off as well, i can use the time to sort of few things out and do the annual dreaded tax return.

I just got 64% on Hard on that song. I ROCK!!!!!