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Leeds Trip

My trip to Leeds after being pestered by Troy to come see him. I should really get a small portable camera as my phone just doesn’t cut it and there is no way to turn off the clicky sound when you take a picture, so i didn’t take as many as i would have done. Maybe next time…

The whole trip was really good and went to Wagamama’s for the first time and i had:

Chicken Tama Rice
Grilled chicken breast stir-fried with courgettes, mushrooms, red and spring onions in an oyster, ginger, garlic and wine sauce. Served on sticky white rice.

There should be a picture of me looking at it disapprovingly but it was really nice.

Super Huge Journal Update

Get busy updating or get busy dying...

Get busy updating or get busy dying…

Finally got a moment to myself where i have nothing better to do. Well it was either this or sort my music collection out by year. Wonder if there is still time to change my mind?

This is gonna be one huge update. I had 3 weeks off work doing various things and have been out and about a bit so lets get to it.

So i had a nice holiday, people always ask me “did you go anywhere?” and as usual i say “no” but this time i did several things. I usually end up just playing games until it’s time to go back to work, then spend the following week regretting i didn’t do anything. Well this time was different.

I had a great night out with Ian, Chris Carl and later on Louise. It was just the perfect blend of comedy, food and pubs. Also in the first week i finally finished sorting out my music and added it all to itunes. That doesn’t sound fun but it was very rewarding as i can listen to all my music again. The end of the first week i went bowling and got my highest ever score of 108, as usual Chris owned me by the end of the game so the “winning score” was short lived.

In the second week i ended up going camping, which was fun and odd as it created a 3 day weekend for me. I don’t think i have ever laughed so much about Deal or no Deal before, i suppose you had to be there. We went to bed at 12 and woke up at 4….. that’s AM so 4 hours sleep then nature just went crazy and woke us up to the point of leaving about 2 hours later. I was in bed by 8am at home and slept for another few hours, when i woke it felt like a new day so my first 3 day weekend was born.

I was still tired most of week 3 and mainly just relaxed with the odd meal out. Mid week though i went to Lancaster for Bibs sort of Birthday party, which was great fun. I will put a few pictures up from face book so check out the scrapbook.

Then on the Saturday went to see Louise sing at Dickie Doodles. It was a good night and ended up talking to Troy (her son) about all sorts of crap until 1am.

Also while i was on holiday Rock Band came out and we have been having lots of fun playing that, i sing in it oh and i am soooo good.

If i had updated when i was supposed to there probably would have been more detail but nevermind. I also got SKY so now my phone, internet and tv is all in one place. Pipex annoyed me for the last time, i am glad i left before the whole ISP moved to India.

I will hopefully be doing some mini reviews for films more often as i have started to rent them online from LoveFilm. I might do “A River Runs Through It” as that is on it’s way.

Last night i went to Lancaster to The Acoustic Garden Charity Gig i will review it in the features section so go read that. I will attach a video Carl recorded too.

That should cover it for now. I only left it so long because i was busy so it isn’t really my fault. Honest.