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What a month

Nobody was happy when Ron learned the 'Arseus Explodeus' spell

Nobody was happy when Ron learned the ‘Arseus Explodeus’ spell

Been rather busy with work and going out nearly every day i have had off. Leeds, Pub Crawl, Cold Pizza.

First off I have made a few changes to the site. I can now hide articles so updates can be worked on over time then made visible when finished. Also I can change the time something is posted so I never miss a deadline. It’s cheating but no one reads this anyway. Once i have learned how to make articles visible on a certain date the site will update itself as long as i stay ahead of the updates. It’s all to do with timestamps kids.

Sadly this new system was setup after this journal so there is probably a few things that i have missed out, that won’t happen anymore because as soon as something interesting happens i will make a note of it hidden away until later.

Anyway on with the update y’all.

Well after the Of Montreal gig in Manchester i went to with Troy, he began a campaign of pestering me to go see him at Leeds. After a bit of research and good timing i managed to get a ticket to Leeds from Kendal for £14.50 with a change at the dreaded Manchester.

I said this in the Leeds Scrapbook but i don’t have a compact/good digital camera, something the size of a phone would do. All i have is a big chunky professional thing so there is only one picture of me in Leeds and Troy took it and he can’t find his camera, add irony where appropriate. Maybe i didn’t go to Leeds after all.

The week after Leeds we had a Pub Crawl, which was one drink in Ring O Bells, Wheatsheaf, Brewery, Shakespeare, Wetherspoons, Burgandys, Ruskins then Dickie Doodles. No one really managed a drink at Dickies and i was still drunk the next day. If we did it again we wouldn’t bother going to Ring O Bells again, it’s a strange place. It was a good night though and picked up Rory on from Wetherspoons, who i asked if he wanted to be on Booshambles, he said YEAH like it was something awesome. So here you go Rory enjoy. Also in Burgandys Chris wanted a pint of Duvel, i was drunk enough to buy it at over £6 a pint, upon researching the name for this journal i found it was 8.5%.

A few weeks ago the oven broke, and it’s amazing how much i actually use it. If the microwave had gone too i would probably have starved to death. Ended up buying an overpriced dominoes because i ran out of stuff to microwave and really fancied a pizza. Didn’t eat it all and only because we had no oven i kept the left over slices. Never had cold pizza before, just because it never appealed to me like cold gravy or melted ice cream. It was really nice though.

Well that will do i think, it has taken me ages to get this update together because i ran out of caption pictures and doing all this background stuff to the site not had any time as usual.