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X-Men: The Last Stand

Not as bad as people make it out to be, it just has a very basic plot which struggles to last 90 minutes. The action is good, interesting array of mutants especially Beast, incredible makeup. I imagine the star fees sapped up a lot of the budget which ultimately shortened the runtime and scope. Also it’s another one of those must watch the end of the credits films.

Magneto + Chess = Best 5 Seconds of the whole movie.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Nail biting stuff.

Nail biting stuff.

First of all this review comes from someone who doesn’t read comic books, my only knowledge of X-Men came from the early 90’s cartoon of the same name. I won’t be going all nerdy and saying things like “omg on page 4 of wolverines new groove he killed the funkmaster but it wasn’t in the film!”. This is just for people who watched the X-Men trilogy of films that came before it and any comparisons will be made to that.

So where do i begin, it starts out with Logan (Wolverine) as a boy and you find out Sabretooth is his brother then begins an impressive credits sequence which moves through various wars that they both fought in together. I didn’t find much that really topped that for the rest of the movie and overall i felt that most of it could have just been used in an X-Men 4 at the start. Acting on the whole is good with Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth) stealing the show, his character was actually more interesting to me. One thing that let it down for me was The Blob, who i had never heard of before, it came off as fight between Wolverine and Fat Bastard from Austin Powers 2. These complaints though could probably be blamed on the comics they had to work with though.

The story is generally stretched and gaps are filled in with other characters. I wouldn’t say you need to see X-Men 2 to enjoy the film but it really couldn’t hurt. Also because this is a “Prequel” of sorts to the X-men films when you are introduced to familiar characters you know that they are in no danger of dying.

When all is said and done it is a decent movie, nothing too bad and nothing too good. The inevitable Trilogy that will come along in a couple of years will help prop this movie up. Viewers will come to watch this as a setup for to potentially better movies to come.

Special effects wise its a mixed bag, and at some points i thought we were watching the pirated version. The worst effect being the most important to get right was the claws. Sometimes they looked real others they looked like the T1000 had just watched X-Men. Audio was fine although i didnt find the music memorable and i couldn’t tell you who composed it (if there was any)

Overall i enjoyed the movie even though i SLASHED it to pieces here *chuckle*. Its only real flaws were the material they had to work with and the fact they are creating a whole new IP from a moderately interesting character. There was no real benefit from seeing it at the cinema so i would just get it on DVD or better yet Blu-Ray.

If you do see it in the cinema sit through the whole credits at the end for a little setup to the next film. It features the worst line in the film. 🙂