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Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One)

That Zombie is about to get it.

That Zombie is about to get it.

If you have never played a Dead Rising game I advise you to go play at least Dead Rising 2 on Xbox 360, if you can’t do that then just be aware there are story references to 1 and especially 2. Dead Rising 2 was free recently so if you snapped it up go play it FIRST!

To sum up the whole Dead Rising story in a paragraph there is a zombie outbreak in a Mall in 2006 (Dead Rising 1) Frank West being the main character. Then in 2011 there is another outbreak at a Casino (Dead Rising 2) with Chuck Greene being the character. His daughter had been bitten so Zombrex, a 24 hour only cure is needed to keep her from turning. There was also an alternate sequel (Dead Rising 2: Off the Record) where Frank West is the hero doing most of the same story except he is the one taking the Zombrex. Dead Rising 3 is set in 2021! with a new hero Nick Ramos living in the City of Los Perdidos when another outbreak occurs.

Dead Rising 3 is a launch title for the Xbox One and it really shows off the power of the new console, it has also been mentioned that it was originally going to be a 360 title until they realised it wasn’t powerful enough. This means future games in the series should look even better as the developers get used to the hardware.

Graphics are great and the amount of zombies on screen, all moving, all doing something is incredible. I recommend playing it on normal first than going straight to nightmare mode it would be super hard and would also strip away the fun of a second playthrough. On closer inspection of what’s on screen I can clearly see it’s using the same Dead Rising 2 engine with all graphical querks. Blurring as you spin round and strange object loading, the resolution of the textures and the ingame cutscenes are really impressive though.

The weird thing about the series is fans loved the time limits but also wanted the ability to just wander with no restrictions. Capcom flat out ignored the request in Dead Rising 1 and 2, with them finally caving in on the alternate sequel Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. This added a free roam mode with no story but had challenges like killing 100 zombies in a minute etc. In 3 this mode is sadly gone but instead you get 6 days instead of 3 so about 24 real life hours to play before it’s game over, the challenges are now scattered around the map and are part of the main game. Hopefully a DLC mode will remove all time limits just for fun but on normal mode at least you never feel pressured to keep moving and my completion of 1 playthrough clocked in about 23 hours of real game time.

I am a huge fan of the series, it can’t be taken seriously other reviewers just don’t get it and give the series poor scores because the didn’t like it. 3 is no different as it has a fun story with some choice dialog and weird characters, if you are expecting a Walking Dead style survival game this won’t be for you.

There is lots to do and the game has been designed around having fun, it isn’t overly difficult and I probably only died 3 times in the whole playthrough. The saving is also a lot more forgiving and the plot is decent but clearly wasn’t a huge focus.  If I were to be picky taking away elements of the 360 games has made this weaker. From aboout 30 minutes in you can build a tank like car which is great fun but removes nearly all danger, only when it breaks down do you panic a little. Same goes for the weapons, you can combine them anywhere now instead of key locations so it’s easy to make a great weapon, later on you can spawn as many as you want. These features are clearly appealing to the masses but it would have been nice for a 3rd hardcore mode like the XCOM games where you can strip away features and add extra difficulty. I would also imagine the story makes as much sense if you haven’t played ALL the games including the arcade mini episodes.

Overall with some added content in the future this will become an even greater game than it is now, can’t wait for a true next gen sequel.


When will I, will I be famous?

Although Shia broke the stock exchange looking at porn, it was never as bad as Indiana Jones 4.

Although Shia broke the stock exchange looking at porn, it was never as bad as Indiana Jones 4.

I am actually looking a bit like Shia in that picture at the moment, wondering what to write. Well i will start with Birthday stuff first, i turned 27 and if you search Booshambles for Birthday you should find the last 4 years of birthday posts, this one is a bit more special though.

Chris yet again Surpassed his usual bunch of shit films with “cock” wrapping paper. Luckily our meal got cancelled but if we had gone i would have had to unwrap these beauties. Not to mention Ian buying me “Labia: Warrior Princess” or the High School Musical 3 bedsheets from Chris. Only Carl took my Birthday seriously and got me lots of zombie films.

I also went to see Scott Pilgrim at the Brewery, not knowing anything about it i was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it, it will look amazing on bluray methinks.

I’m venturing to Manchester on Tuesday to see Of Montreal. It looks like it will be at a student spot but i think i still got the moves to pass for 18…… honest. So it will be quite the adventure for me since i don’t leave Kendal well ever.

Gaming wise Halo Reach came out and i got my brand new xbox for a whopping 6 quid because of the amount of shite games and 2 refurb consoles i traded in. If you have the old ones i recommend the new ones; cooler, use less power and nearly silent. It is actually quieter than my pc which is very hard to top.

Also the game that got me into Xbox in the firstplace, Dead Rising had it’s sequel come out. I completed it over the weekend and it is just brilliant, story wise not as good as the first but as a game far better.

This leads me to welcoming potentially 500,000 more people to the site although highly doubtful. I was going for 1000 zombie kills barehanded and got myself a new outfit for doing it. I follow Simon Pegg on twitter and thought he might like it so told him about it. Celebs don’t tend to talk to us working class scum but good old simon replied:

@simonpegg just so you know there is a shaun of the dead outfit in dead rising 2 if you kill 1000 zombies barehanded.. it has red on it.

@Booshambles No shit?! That’s very cool.

@simonpegg http://www.booshambles.co.uk/scrapview.php?id=19 a picture of the outfit, just for you…

Simon Pegg:
I gotta get me Dead Rising 2 ASAP!! RT @Booshambles: http://bit.ly/a32sVW a picture of the outfit, just for you…

He only went and retweeted to his 500k+ followers a link to the bloody scrapbook! I got a whopping 8 random followers because of it. So who knows, people might actually be reading this now and looking at the cock drawings and everything. Exciting times.

Today i went and got myself 18 bottles of Henry Westons for £18 quid a saving of £18! and they are the 1880 edition. Things are definitely looking up… now where did i put Labia: Warrior Princess?

Chugga Fugger Mother Slugger

Only Jack could flank a Tractor

Only Jack could flank a Tractor

It’s Sunday, i am bored it can only mean an update. Christmas shopping, 1080p, Zombies, Fat Russell Crowe and William Shatner. There seems to be something for everyone in this update.

So where did November go? Who knows this has to be the shortest feeling year i have ever had. Already done my Christmas Shopping and this week i have the task of wrapping it all, writing all the cards and getting them to people. We are the real Santa, i think he just pops in to steal the mince pies, cheap bastard.

Lots of games have dropped in my lap as you have read before the final one (Left4Dead) arrived a few weeks ago now. I loved it, i am gonna do a mini rant on these big assed games in a bit, i love zombie games and this is no exception.

Nothing too exciting has been going on recently, we got snow which turned to ice which turned to more ice oddly. I actually didn’t go to work because i didn’t want to fall on my ass and break something, like my pride or my leg. I also had another day off because i got cramp in my toe, i have never had it before and i sounded completely stupid saying “i can’t walk” to my boss but that’s just how weird life has been recently.

Went to see Body of Lies, it was good if a little predictable. Not really Ridley Scott’s finest work but i really liked Russell Crowe in it, he made himself fat and old for the role and watching him fall off the chair made it worth watching. I should be going to see A Nightmare before Christmas on Tuesday, not seen it in years so it should be funtastic.

We all love William Shatner, while other 75 year olds retire or die, Mr Shatner is a lead in Boston Legal, makes amusing Youtube treats and now has his own chat show. Shatner’s Raw Nerve, if you can get to see it he is interviewing people like Tim Allen and Jon Voight, but not about promoting some crappy film, but he talks unscripted about their lives. I found the Tim Allen one very interesting give it a watch if you can.

I was going to add the xmas theme to the site but i couldn’t be bothered bah humbug mother fuggers.

The crazy week that was

Not even Tuvok could make sense of last week

Not even Tuvok could make sense of last week

It was as strange week last week involving doula’s, washing machines, 3a.m Zombies, Bruce Willis and bank fraud…

First off technically Bruce Willis was on the Sunday when i went to see the surprisingly good and probably much better as an 18 rated DVD Die Hard 4.0. However some people class Sunday as the first day of the week so i will accommodate them this time round.

So on Monday the washing machine arrived only to find the power cable wouldn’t reach so we had to mess around finding an extension cable. I then got 2 website jobs on the same day. My old cruise site and a Doula site. I had to get that done in a week and it all got rather hectic.

When ordering the washing machine the woman on the phone didn’t ask if we wanted it fitting. i assumed it was all included until it hit me about 10 minutes later that it wasn’t so i rang back and had to reorder the same machine with fitting. Argos within 10 minutes had managed to do what no other company has done and take money out of my account in under 10 minutes. So instead of refunding me the amount in 10 minutes they kept it a whole day and charged me for a second machine.

This brought me into the red or black or whatever it means not to have enough money in the account, so Halifax took it upon them selves to steal £88 for their own mistake. I will let you know tomorrow how my argument with the bank goes tomorrow.

On Thursday i went round to Chris’s to watch more of the west wing. I ended up staying until 3a.m playing Dead Rising. I was then up 6 hours later to finish the Doula Site. I read some more of “Mysterious Skin” which is getting very good and i am over half way through. Then i was at work Saturday and spent all day round at Chris’s on Sunday, then all day at work Monday and now i have an hour or so until work today where i won’t finish till 11pm.

I also have a medical today so i am drinking a lot in preparation for the piss in a cup test. So there is a chance i will be reporting diabetes to you all tomorrow.

Will work on the website tomorrow night i think so expect things to fly around and not work for a while, don’t forget sign up to the forums and email me or whatever. no one reads this anyway.

i need a piss


Tango Down

The offer is £5000.... and the Mr.Blobby suit....

The offer is £5000…. and the Mr.Blobby suit….

It’s been an interesting week I decided to fire up the Xbox 360 again and play Rainbow Six: Vegas. When i first got the game and had a go at the online aspect it was a bit disappointing. You joined a room and then if the host didn’t kick you for no reason you then began to play. This mainly involved the “who can throw the grenade first” tactic and i was soon bored.

I gave it a second chance and managed to find a few spots that were much more tactical, its amazing how many rooms have Attack and Defend on Calypso Casino. This map is probably what Dust is to Counterstrike, high replay value and lots of fun to be had.

After a few hours i met some interesting players which have been added to my friends list, a list which used to only house people i know. Now i have a nice group of people and can host my own games without fear of pointless kicking.

Also i started playing Halflife 2: Episode 1 again and have really enjoyed it so far, sadly it will all be over in an hour then i will be waiting at least six months for Valve to get Episode 2 out. I am also looking forward to seeing the Halflife games on the 360. depending on the price i might even buy the gamepack, although my guess is it will be 39.99 a game.

Also a couple of weeks ago Mysterious Skin arrived from America thanks to Amazon so i will be watching it tonight with a review as soon as i can. I still need to finish tweaking the review pages as the awards i gave are invisible at the moment.